This brings us to the conclusion of this section, which has been devoted to a concise and summary treatment of the articles of religious belief and the basic principles of Islamic jurisprudence and theology [ma yata'allaq bi'l-i'tiqad wa'l-usul]. For fear of making the book unduly lengthy, we have refrained from adducing all the evidence that could have been marshalled to prove the invalidity of every single school [madhhab] out of all the schools of thought among these erroneous sects. We have confined ourselves to the plain statement of their theological teachings, without elaboration, for the purpose of putting the reader on his guard against them.

May Allah provide us--and you--with a refuge from the evil of these sectarian schools and their members, and may He let us die in accordance with Islam and the Sunna, belonging to the group that is sure of salvation [al-firqat an-najiya], through His Mercy!


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