Khutba al-Juma`uah

Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

03/05/99, Masjid At-Tawheed, Mountain View, California

... fulfilled and perfected your iman, PERFECT YOUR IMAN NOW, AND BELIEVE IN ALLAH and His Prophet (s). It means WHEN WE PERFECT OUR IMAN, WE RAISE UP TO THE THIRD LEVEL, WHICH IS THE STATE OF IHSAN, as Sayyidina Jibril mentioned in asking the question to the Prophet (s) and the Prophet (s) said, "The third level where you are being a good believer is when you worship Allah as if you are seeing him." It means, when you say ALLAHU AKBAR, you are REALLY saying "Allahu Akbar."

And that's why one of the main schools of thought, the Shafi`i school of thought, they had a principle that Imam Shafi'i set up for  followers of that school.  If you go to a country where the Shafi'i school is dominating, like in Malaysia, Indonesia, Lebanon, in some parts of Syria, some parts of the Gulf area, these countries, Egypt [you will see] that when they say "ALLAHU AKBAR," you see them -- when they pray they repeat it many times. Allahu... Allahu... Allahu Akbar. It means that they have to see that every cell in their bodies is REALLY meditating and contemplating on the word and the name of Allah (swt) and nothing else is in front of them except "Allahu Akbar!" to enter in their brains. So the niyyah and the ihram. The first Takbirat in prayer, when you say Allahu Akbar, it has to be as if you are in front of the Ka'ba and there is nothing except Allah (swt), YOU ARE BETWEEN HIS HANDS, IN HIS PRESENCE, AND YOU say Allahu Akbar and open your prayers.

Here it gives us a meaning, that Muslims -- don't have double standards. Don't be two-faced. If you believe in something, do it until the end. Do it until the end. Don't hide behind your fingers. Don't let people be misled. But say, what you believe. You (unclear). Because we are facing a big problem. People are not thinking, but there is a big problem in front of us. People are thinking their biggest problem is money, business, their family. There is a bigger problem. There is a huge problem facing every Muslim. It is when you die.

People are not thinking. Yesterday there was one among us, about 38 years old, a very strong man. He used to come here every Juma'a, praying with us, doing his prayers, never missing one Juma'a. He is a convert. Today he is not among us. He left. Allah called him. He died in his apartment, they found him dead. Sunday, when they entered the apartment they found him dead. His wife was in Malaysia for one year. His family is away. HE LEFT EVERYTHING BEHIND! WHAT SAVED HIM? NOTHING EXCEPT HIS IMAN AND HIS TONGUE. AND HE IS A CONVERT. better than us. At least he went to Allah and he can say "Allah I am a convert." If I did not believe in Islam, I would not have changed to be a Muslim. But we Muslims, raised Muslims, what are we going to say. We are raised Muslims, born as Muslims. Our families raised us Muslim. They have an advantage over us, converts. Now today is his jinaza, after this we have to go. What did he take with him? Nothing.

Is this not a big problem facing us? Is anyone thinking? No. Everyone is thinking only to, in his life, in his way, how he is going to live, how he is going to make money, how he is going to divide the community, how he is going to make confusion, how he is going to backbite, how he is going to label other people with different labels. That is what we are doing. And Prophet (s) FORBADE us from this, that's why Allah (swt) said in Qur`an, "Ya Ayyuhal adhina amanu, aminu." Where are you going? O Believers! Believe! Don't say you are a believer and then don't believe. "Ya Ayyuhal adheena amanu in ja'akum fasiqun bi-naba'ini fatabayyanu. O Mu`min, IF SOMEONE COMES TO YOU WITH A FALSE STATEMENT, INVESTIGATE IT, RESEARCH IT. It might be wrong. Don't accuse people. Open your eyes and your heart. Don't go with what they tell you.

The second problem we are facing in America -- I don't like to mention this subject, but I was asked to mention it -- the second part that we are facing is our daily existence here. Are we going to be in America, practicing what we are practicing. Are we increasing, or will there be a threat to our presence in this country. If people are not advising us, then it means that the organizations which have signed to be members, they are not giving us the true perspectives. They are not informing us of what is really going on. They are leaving us without knowing that there is a big threat on us, as if there is nothing there.

As I said last week, they know everything about  Muslims in America. And there is a big danger. If Muslims are not going to come to their conscience, and reject the label that has been attached to them of being terrorists, not rejecting it and not denouncing it, we are going to face a big problem in this country. I would like to read for you three or four paragraphs to show you that what is going on behind our backs without our knowledge, and people are not being informed about it. But Juma'a is the best time to mention this. This is the Director of the FBI's statement -- "We know that the domestic terrorist groups, those which are based and which operate entirely within the United States, and whose activities are directed at elements of the United States government or its civilian population have also expressed interest in chemical and biological agents.

The country is researching. We are 6 million Muslims. If we are not going to be careful of our existence, we are going to be completely away, perhaps thrown in concentration camps. Then he says, "the mainstream national media has reported many cases revealing investigations into US Islamic groups, on the federal level. The following are just a few examples," and they give examples of all these organizations I don't want to name. And then it says, "At this moment, militant Islamic groups, labelled by the State Department as terrorist organizations," and they quote the names, which I will not repeat here, "operate quietly within US borders from New York to San Diego. These groups collect US dollars to send to their cells overseas. They use US addresses to buy US equipment, US internet sites to communicate, and US universities and foundations to meet and plan."

They know. They say everything that was said by the Secretary of State Cohen -- the Secretary of Defense. He said it in 1997, May 24th -- May 24 1997. He said they know about all these groups, how they are collecting money, where they are sending the money, and they are waiting for the appropriate time. They are using the universities, organizations, the internet, US businesses, US addresses, non-profit organizations. It's not something that's new, but our people are SLEEPING.

Whenever the FBI did an investigation, THEY JUMP ON THE FBI AND SAY, "THEY ARE HARASSING MUSLIMS!" This is not going to work. The FBI does not care about Muslims and non-Muslims -- the FBI is not going to listen to me or to you. The FBI is going to listen whenever they find suspects, they are going to run after them. EVEN IF YOU SEND HUNDREDS OF ACTION ALERTS, EVEN IF YOU MAKE HUNDREDS OF CONFERENCES, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO LISTEN.

They increased their budget from $70 million to $300 million now, and now they are increasing to $10 billion. AND WE THE MUSLIMS... WHATEVER OUR ORGANIZATIONS SAY, WE RUN BEHIND THEM AND SAY "YES." THEY SAY "APPLAUD" WE APPLAUD, THEY SAY "SIT," WE SIT. THEY SAY "WAKE UP," WE WAKE UP.

We are in danger. If you are not going to see it today, our children are going to see it after a generation. Don't put it behind your back. Muslims. We have to stand up, and say that we are Muslims living in peace in this country, we have our children, we have our families, we have our businesses, we are practicing our Islam, we have freedom of speech, we have freedom of religion. Then we have to sit and be good Muslims to say the truth even if they don't like it.

And then they continue and say, "The scenario of a nuclear, chemical or biological weapon in the hands of a terrorist cell is not only probable, it is quite real." And who said that? The Secretary of Defense. So it goes on and on, and I am not going to read all of this. But Muslims, we must not sleep and claim they are sleeping also. No they are awake. They are looking at us. Are we going to stand keeping quiet,  not saying one word to differentiate terrorism from moderate Muslims who are the majority, then ALL OF US may be thrown into concentration camps.

Believe me, I met with one high ex-official, and he said to me verbally, I'm going to say it now, when the time comes. He said to me verbally, face to face, and there were witnesses. He said to me, "If anything happens, if anything happens, Muslims are going to be in concentration camps. The same thing that happened to the Japanese during the war. If anything is blown up by Muslims and it's found to have been done by Muslims, all Muslims are going to be in concentration camps.

We don't this to happen to our children. We don't this to happen to us and to our wives. We must open our eyes and follow the way of Prophet (s) when he said, "Nahnu ummatun wasatan." We are a moderate ummah. And he said, "Khairul ummuri awasatuha," the best of your matters is the middle ones. The matters that are not in the extreme, they are in the middle. Not to be far, not to the right, not to the left, but in the middle. We are an ummah that is moderate.

Khairul ummuri awasatuha. The best of our matters are the middle ones. So we must not be affected with what's going on around the world and throwing it in this country and making everyone hostile to us. We must be moderate, and we must separate terrorism from Islam. Islam rejects terrorist acts. Islam condemns terrorist acts. We must show that Islam is the religion of love, and peace, and tolerance. And this is on your shoulders, not on my shoulders. I did my a job, and they labelled me a traitor. So my job is finished. I am called "a traitor" now. So now it is your job. I hope you will not be called traitors also.

May Allah (swt) bring all the Muslims together, and unify them, and keep them under one banner, of "La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadur Rasul Allah (s)." You cannot say La ilaha without illa Allah. Then you are a kafir. These people twisted my words, twisted my speech, as if to say something different from what I meant. They cut and pasted. But may Allah (swt) forgive them. They are in BIG problems.

Today there was on the internet news being circulated. I don't know if anyone received it. We received it. The North American Islamic Trust, (NAIT), NAIT and many other Muslim funds, like Amana Funds, and American Trust Publication, and many other organizations under ISNA, they have been called for investigation, and there is on March 15th, a Grand Jury in Federal Court in Chicago, they are investigating everything that's going on. We don't want that to happen.

We must support the moderate Muslims. We must not be a victim for something that doesn't concern us. O Muslims, we have to support the 'Iraqi victims, to raise the sanctions, but we cannot support the leadership of 'Iraq. We can support the Palestinian cause, but we do not support the conflict between the Palestinians -- they are fighting among themselves. It's their problem, they have to fix it. We cannot fix it for them. We support them to finalize the problem because Palestine is a Muslim country, the Holy Mosque is there. But we cannot stop the fight between the Palestinians. They have to stop the fighting among themselves. We can support the Kashmiri cause, but we cannot stop it. They have to find a solution between Pakistan and India. So it is with all these problems. We have to support a solution to the Kosova problem and the Chechnyan problem.

What we can do we do. But wecannot burn our fingers to SUPPORT TERRORISM. That is the big danger. Muslims. You have to open your eyes, open your minds, open your intelligence, and keep moderate, as Prophet (s) said, Al-Fitnatun aimmatun, la`n Allahu man man ayqadaha" - "Confusion is sleeping. Allah curses the one who awakens it." It means anyone who is stirring in the mud and raising confusion, is cursed by Allah.

May Allah protect us, and may Allah support us, and may Allah purify us, and may Allah bring Islam all over the world to be everywhere, to say "La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadur Rasul Allah (s)"

Akullu Qawlu hadha wa astaghfirul Lah al-Adhim

(Closing du'a)