The Unity Conference
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What is the reason to make you change your belief? And to denounce the belief of your parents and your grandparents?!





































We invited every Muslim organization in America and THEY BOYCOTTED US!






















Attendees were told by IMMIGRATION OFFICERS, "Are you going to the conference. "Why are you going to this conference?"

















If someone harms you, don't harm him.











We love the Prophet (s). Our "mistake" is that we say prayers on Prophet (s).















[The President of Chechnya] said, " Allah (swt) is witnessing, and Prophet (s) is witnessing, we were 800 Muslims attacking 120,000 communist soldiers. And we defeated them BECAUSE WE ARE BELIEVING in the love of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), and we are Naqshbandi-Qadiri.





The Mufti of Albania said, "What is the difference if we say 'Amin' or don't say 'Amin?'"



Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

September 4, 1998, Jumah Khutba


Allah (swt) said in Holy Qur`an that haqq is coming, and batil is going. And that verse of Qur`an means continuity until Judgment Day. There is no way to stop haqq - truth against batil - falsehood. Batil is always going to disappear. Haqq is always going to come. Whatever tyrants, unbelievers try to do, haqq is going to rise, and batil is going to fall. There is no way this is Allah (swt)... Good tidings to Muslims - haqq is ccoming, batil is going. And in every time, there is haqq and there is batil. Batil is from shaytan, haqq is from Rahman.

Whoever likes haqq must follow it. And whoever likes batil is following it. Those who follow Shaytan, they like batil. Those who follow Rahman, they follow haqq. And those in between, one leg is in the way of Allah (swt) and one leg is in the way of Shaytan, there is a struggle in themselves. And this is the ummah nowadays. In the ummah nowadays, it is very rare to see those who are in the way of haqq. Because Shaytan is trying to take them away from haqq. And those who are on batil, you can also find them because Shaytan already took them. And the majority of Muslims are between the two lines. They are struggling within themselves.

What to do? How can they save themselves from Shaytan and follow haqq? And that is the big question for Muslims around the world. Where is haqq? How can we find haqq against Shaytan? How can we differentiate haqq from Shaytan?

The Prophet (s) recited, "Wa inja`akum fasiqun bi naba'in fatabayyinu." - "If a corrupt person comes to you with something wrong, investigate it", because he is going to dump you in batil, and dump you in su az-zan - evil assumptions. "Inna ba'd adh-dhanni ithmun," Allah said in Holy Qur`an - "bad thoughts, bad thinking, you will cause you to be under sin."

Ithm is worse than sin, greater than dhamb. Ithm is a very unexpected, undesirable act. Something that you do that is worse than dhamb is suspicion. Because ithm is something with which you come against Allah (swt) directly. You can do many sins, and Allah will forgive. But ithm is related to huquq ul 'ibad - when it interferes with the rights of people, then this is a big ithm. When you do something that does not interfere with the rights of people, for example you are looking at a bad picture, that affects yourself. It doesn't affect the community. But when something affects the community, like back-biting... When you back-bite... Prophet (s) prohibited back-biting. Allah said in Holy Qur`an, "Don't eat the flesh of your brother by back-biting them." Back-biting is ithm, because you are taking the rights of your brothers in Islam. And if it is not back-biting, it will draw you to buhtan. Buhtan is when what you are saying is not true, you are labelling someone with something he did not do. That is big. Allah (swt) is seeing us. And we must act on what we believe. If we believe in something, we have to stand on it. Don't change!

If your parents raised you as a Muslim, and you believe in the way that they have raised you, in the way of generations and generations and generations and generations, until the time of the Sahaba, till the Prophet's (s) time, then why are you changing today? What is the reason to make you change your belief? And to denounce the belief of your parents and your grandparents?! And your ancestors until the time of Tabi'een and Sahaba. If we believe in something, we have to stand on it. After all I'm coming here. I might not be here next week.

After we had this conference in Washington, and I know many of you heard about this Conference. "Wa makaru wa makara Allah, Wallahu khairun makiru." - "They plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners."

I would like to tell you something, because if we don't tell you then our hearts will continue bleeding. But it must be said, so that people know what's going on behind the scenes. We planned a conference to bring people together, to say, "Come to unity." Because many conferences are being held in America, and they are one-sided conferences. And there is no conference that brings ALL Muslims together. We said, "Let us bring all Muslims together." And we tried our best with the first one, and now with the second one. And we brought speakers from around the world. It took us one year of work. More than twenty hours a day of work. More than sixty, seventy people volunteered to have the conference.

Would you believe that SOME SPEAKERS WE INVITED RECEIVED LETTERS FROM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, MUSLIM ORGANIZATIONS, TELLING THEM DON'T COME AND ATTEND THIS CONFERENCE! BECAUSE IT IS A SHIRK AND KUFR CONFERENCE? That is what Muslims are? We've reached that level? We had 150 international speakers, coming from all different parts of the world, most of them received these letters in their homes. How did they get their addresses? They received in their homes letters, telling them "Don't come and attend the conference - this is a shirk and kufr conference." But they insisted on coming. And not only did they insist, they brought more people with them to attend the conference and to see what is going wrong in America. We had people even from Saudi Arabia, even from the United Emirates, from Kuwait. From all countries around the world. They were represented and they came to attend the conference.


But Allah is great. ALLAH MADE IT INTERNATIONAL! WORLD-WIDE! Through the air, through satellites. It was broadcast in the majority of the Muslim world. It was broadcast there. From the Far East to Europe, to the Middle East. It was on the air. It was in every newspaper in the Far East and in Arab countries. Why? Because our intentions were good. We didn't try to play games. We said, "We are doing something for Allah (swt) and for Muslims." We invited the Sunnis, we invited the Brailvies, we invited the Shi'a, we invited the Wahhabis, we invited the Salafis, we invited everyone. We said, "Let us make unity." They didn't want that. They didn't like that.

MORE THAN THAT! You will be amazed. When attendees were arriving at Dulles International Airport in Washington, they were asked, "Where are you going?" And when they said they were going to the Conference, they were told by IMMIGRATION OFFICERS, "Are you going to the conference. What conference? The International Unity Conference. You are Muslim?" They said, "Yes, Muslim." He said, "And I am Muslim." The immigration officer is a Muslim! He said, "Salaam aleikum," they said, "Aleikum Salaam." He said, "I converted to Islam. Why are you going to this conference?" He said, "What's wrong with this conference?" He said, "It is a shirk and kufr conference." At the immigration office of the United States. He said, "Can you tell me more." He said, "Yes. Contact this number." He gave him a very well-known person in America, that every Muslim knows his name. He said, "Contact this one, he will tell you and inform you about this conference. And I advise you not to attend this conference."

                This is a crime in the United States -- an immigration officer is interfering with the freedom of religion. Muslims. What happened? We are Muslims, we pray five prayers. We say "Ashhadu 'an la ilaha Ila Allah, wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan Rasulallah," we fast Ramadan, we pay our zakat, we make our hajj. What's going on? What's going on? We don't know. This is batil. But haqq is coming. "Al haqqu ya'lu wa la yu'ala 'aleihi." "Haqq is always up. Nothing over comes haqq."

                So he said, "Call if you want, and he will give you the information." So that person went out and called the person at this number. And he began to tell him things that were never true. That we are CIA people, we are FBI, we are Likud supporters, we are zionists, we are Musaylima al-kadhdhabs, we are this and we are that. And he said that all American organizations are boycotting the conference - don't go there. He said, "Is there any other name that I can contact?" He said, "Yes!" There is one in California. This was in DC. He said, yes, there is another one in California, in the Los Angeles area. He took the name. He contacted that person, a very well-known person. He attacked us. All this has been recorded! All this that person recorded. He went to a notary public, notarized his statement. He gave us his statement. He declared what happened, piece by piece. He wrote the name of the officer in the immigration office. He gave us the paper on which the immigration officer had written the names of the people to contact.

If we take these papers, and take them to the immigration department of the United States, and file a lawsuit, what will happen? Will Muslims be happy? No. I doubt it. So why are they doing it? You must ask them. Every one of you here knows someone there. If they have anything against our 'aqida, let them come openly. We can debate them. We are not Salafi. We say it openly. We do not have Wahhabi beliefs. We keep Ahlus Sunna wal Jama'at beliefs. We represent the traditional beliefs of Islam. We are not fighting in the open! If there is a problem between us, let us solve it among ourselves. Don't go to an immigration officer and ask people to boycott the conference! If we go and raise a case, all the organizations will be hauled before the court. And what will happen? A big scandal for Muslims. Is that what they want? Ask them if they want that. We can do it. Because we have the documents. But we fear Allah (swt). If someone harms you, don't harm him. The neighbor of our Prophet (s) was a unbeliever. He harmed the Prophet (s) for seven years, and the Prophet (s) never said anything. We are not going to harm anyone. We are not going to say anything. Because Allah knows everything. Allah is seeing everything. But this is for your information. This is for people who don't know what's going on behind the scenes.

Allah sent Islam to stay forever. And no one can bring Islam down. If someone differs in his 'aqida. It's his point of view, it's okay. Why do we have to attack. We are not attacking anyone. Don't attack us. We are believing in the way that we have been raised. The way we have studied, after 1400 years of Islamic traditional heritage. We didn't change anything! This is what all four of the imams believed. From Suyuti to Asqalani to Nawawi to Haythami, all of them, this is their belief. We are not changing our beliefs. If someone changes his belief, it's up to him, not up to us.

We love the Prophet (s). Our "mistake" is that we say prayers on Prophet (s). We want to praise Prophet (s) as much as we can. No one can stop us. This is between us and Allah (swt). Allah said, "Inna Allaha wal mala`ikatahu yusalluna 'alan Nabi (s), Ya ayyuhalladhina amanu sallu 'alayhi wa sallimu taslima. and Alladhina yadhkurun Allaha qiyama wa qu'udan. I am going to praise Prophet (s) if I can, 24 hours daily, standing up, even, with all respect to Prophet (s), and it is not enough. If they like it they like it, if they don't like it - it's up to them. This is our mistake. They say, why do you do excessive prayers.

I'm free. You are not free? Okay, go to Shaytan., limit your narrow mind. I say from here, Assalam 'alayka ya Rasulallah (s). I am free. It's not kufr. We can say it at any time. We are saying it in tahiyyat. Assalamu 'aleika ayyuhan Nabi (s). Aren't you saying it in tahiyyat? In prayers. Okay I want to say it now, "Assalamu 'alayka ya Sayyidi ya Rasulallah!" What's the problem? IT IS NOT SHIRK!

                Oh Muslims. I'm not going to take a lot of your time. But there is something going on behind the scenes. They are trying to kill Islam from inside. But they must know that Ahlus Sunna wal Jama'at in America are forming an organization calling all the masajid and calling all those who believe and say they are Ahlus Sunna wal Jama'at, to be a member in this organization, to oppose any disagreements and to debate ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DEBATE about our 'aqida and our beliefs.

It's enough. It's come to this level, and no one has said anything, and people are being led like sheep, and no one can say one word against them. They are doing everything in the name of Islam, and they have a political agenda behind them. They are affiliated with foreign countries. We cannot accept that. We must stand up. Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'at are standing up.

And that's why I'm going to tell you that we have opened a lobbying office in Washington for lobbying for political agendas, political problems of Muslims, from the point of view of Ahlus Sunna wal Jama'at. And we've had so much success, Alhamdulillah, and many people are calling from different departments in order to know more about Islam. They want to know MORE about what has not been said before about Islam. They want it to be said now. May Allah (swt) guide us and guide you and guide every sincere Muslim that he be free from any poisonous ideas that brainwash his mind, and may Allah (swt) bring peace on this world, and make everyone Muslim in order that we will be brothers and sisters. 1400 years of this traditional Islam has been around the world. 95% of the Muslim world believe in the belief of Ahlus Sunna wal Jama'at, the traditional belief. 5%, maybe LESS than 5% are those who don't believe in this, and are trying to divide the ummah. I will tell you more, if you like, if you want to hear.

                The President of Chechnya, the one who stood against the Russian communists, he was telling us in his private meeting, "If I say this to people, people will not believe me. The Russian army that invaded, that came inside Chechnya, were 120,000 soldiers, with heavy artillery and tanks. And we were 800 soldiers." He said, "Allah (swt) is witnessing, and Prophet (s) is witnessing, we were 800 Muslims attacking 120,000 communist soldiers. And we defeated them BECAUSE WE ARE BELIEVING in the love of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), and we are Naqshbandi-Qadiri. We are tariqat people."

All tariqat people fought the ex-Soviets. And they were successful for many years. And Allah is bringing them back. Like Imam Shamil, who fought Czarist Russia for 35 years. He was Naqshbandi tariqat, he was Ahlus Sunna wal Jama'at. He said, "Now we are standing against Russia with 800 soldiers. We defeated them. And I am a Naqshbandi-Qadiri. And no one can stop the Naqshbandiyya-Qadiriyya from being all over Chechnya. But recently, unfortunately, I have been attacked. One week before coming to the Conference, they didn't want me to come to the Conference. They made a strategy to kill me, to assassinate me. And they killed one bodyguard and they injured my wife. But I insisted on coming to the United States, and to see this Conference. And who are these people? Not the Russians?" HE SAID, "THEY ARE MUSLIMS! BECAUSE CHECHNYA, DAGESTAN, ALL OF THE CAUCUS REGION ARE TARIQAT PEOPLE, are Sufi people. They are spreading Islam. They don't want that. They want to change the 'aqida of these people. They tried to assassinate me because I am a supporter of this."

They are asking a question. It's going to be in the magazine insha`Allah., in the next issue that will come in October or November. I asked him one question, I said, "There are many organizations collecting money for Chechnya relief. And you are the President. And many organizations in the United States are collecting money for Chechnya. Are you receiving this money?" He said, "Never did we receive one penny from Muslim organizations in America or anywhere else. NEVER did we receive one penny."

Where is this money going, then? Where is this money that is collected for Chechnya. People homeless, people. Widows, injured people! Where is this money going? No one knows. And they attack us and they say we are shirk and kufr. We have a lot to say, and we would like to keep it in our hearts and bleed. Better than to bring our dirty laundry out.

O Muslims, there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes. But people don't know. People are led like sheep, like the sheperd is pushing them and they move. And Muslims in America, they are sincere, they are innocent. They want a masjid, they want a Muslim center, in order to go and raise their children. But they don't know what THE LEADERS are doing. THEY DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY ARE TAKING THEM! That is the big problem. OUR LEADERS ARE TAKING US SOMEWHERE, WE DON'T KNOW WHERE. We must know where. Then we can build ourselves for it. May Allah (swt) support Chechnyan people, support Bosnian people, support the people in the Balkans.

                What is happening in Albania? Do you know what's happening in Albania? Muslims are killing each other. Did you know that? The Grand-Mufti of Albania was at the Conference. The Muslims are killing each other. Why? Because they are introducing the new ideology in Albania!

Look at the simplicity of the Albanians. In Albania they are all from the Hanafi school. The Hanafi school, in the prayer, when the imam leads the prayer, the Hanafis do not say "Amin." They keep quiet. Isn't it true? It is! So with this new ideology, because they follow the Hanbali school, the Wahhabis and the Salafis who came to Albania began to tell them "your prayer is wrong!" Why? Because you don't say "Amin" out loud. They said "your prayer is not accepted!"

The Mufti was upset. He called them. He said, "Why are you disturbing the Muslims here in Albania? For more than 1000 years, since we became Muslim, all our scholars and leaders were praying the same prayer we are praying. What is the difference if we say 'Amin' or don't say 'Amin?' It is a difference of schools. Why are you objecting and saying that you have to say 'Amin' for your prayer to be accepted."

They left the Albanian Mufti Shaykh Sabri Kocki, and they began clashes with machine guns in Albania. And now there is bloodshed in Albania.

                Why are Muslims fighting? For what reason? We were living in peace in Muslim countries for thousands of years. Now something changed in Islam so Islam was wrong?! And now it became different? And they call these people "Reformers of Islam" or "Revivers of Islam." There is no reformer, after the Prophet (s).The Prophet (s) is the Perfect Messenger.. After a full moon there is more complete moon. There are no reformers in Islam. Islam is perfect, finished!

                Oh Muslims, keep your sincerity in your hearts, and try to advise people to make unity, because disunity will scatter us and divide us, and our strength is in our unity. May Allah (swt) bless you. And if I am here next week, I will continue more on these issues, insha`Allah. There are a lot of issues to be discussed after this conference, that we have observed. May Allah (swt) grant us His blessings and the love of His Prophet (s).



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