Ramadan 1419H, 1999 M

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Presented by Shaykh Salah ElDin Mahmoud Al-Nassar from al-Azhar al-Shareef

Friday Khutba Jan. 1, 99

Friday Khutba Jan. 8, 99 | part 1 | part 2 |

Lecture1: "The believer is never bitten twice from the same hole (of snake)."

Is it allowed to recite Quran or takbeer or tasbeeh in an audible voice (jahr) after prayer ?

Ruling - not praying: The husband prays and the wife is not. Is she out of Islam - Kaafira? Should he divorce her?

Tawheed: Did the Salaf categorize and teach the tawheed as rububiyya, uluhiyya and asmaa' husna?

On tajseem: Two views scholars have agreed on. One to take it as is, and the other to use the Arabic language and its use when interpreting these verses.

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