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Ismail Dhul-Qarnayn, ASFA student
Abdur-Rahman Green, a 'Salafi' student of Bilal Phillips


February 1998: Shaykh Yousuf ar-Rifaie, former Education Minister of Kuwait and former mayor of Kuwait City, visited Sri Lanka for one week during February. During his visit he gave two very big lectures for the people of Ahl as-Sunna wal-Jama`at and defeated challenging Wahabi elements in a resounding fashion.

On June 12-18th, Ismail Dhul-Qarnayn spent his time in Sri Lanka debating the Wahabis in person. There he was single-handledly, without preparation or forewarning, able to address the questions of Sunnis who have had their minds filled with Wahabi propaganda, as well as Wahabis, who with full fury and intent of revenge attended his talks in Colombo, trying their hardest to corner him in the Q&A sessions after each talk. In this, he successfully answered their objections and questions, to the point that they resorted to diversionary tactics to try to harm the conference. However, Allahu-l Musta`an and they failed in these attempts.

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who are trying to destroy the essence of Ahl as-Sunna creed by undermining the love of the Prophet (s) in traditional societies like Sri Lanka."