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On the excellent qualities of the month of Rajab
(PART 1)

Traditional prayers of supplication [ad'iya ma'thura] that are particularly appropriate on the first night of Rajab.

When the worshipper has duly performed his ritual prayer [salat] on the first night of Rajab, he is recommended to offer the following prayer of supplication [du'a']:

"O Allah, to You the applicants apply this night, to You the aspirants aspire, and for Your gracious bounty and beneficence the seekers look in hope. You have special favors [nafahat] to bestow this night, and prizes and gifts and presents. You will bestow them upon whomever You choose from among Your servants, and You will withhold them from those who are not ready to receive Your providential care ['inaya]. Well, here am I, Your servant who is sorely in need of You, hoping for Your gracious bounty and beneficence! If it pleases You, O my Master [ya Mawlaya], to bestow Your grace this night upon one of Your creatures, and if You will be so generous as to grant him a favor out of Your kindness, then bless Muhammad and his family, and let me enjoy Your superabundance and beneficence, O Lord of All the Worlds [ya Rabba'l-'Alamin]!"

'Ali ibn Abi Talib (karamAllah wajhu) would devote himself entirely to worship during four nights of the year, namely: The first night of Rajab; the night of the [Festival of] Fastbreaking [lailat al-Fitr]; the night of the [Festival of] Sacrifices [lailat al-Adha]; and the night of the middle of Sha'ban. Here is the prayer of supplication [du'a'] he used to offer on those nights:

"O Allah, bless Muhammad and his family, those lanterns of wisdom [masabih al-hikma], masters of grace [mawali 'n-ni'ma] and mines of virtue [ma'adin al-'isma]! Let them be my protection against all evil. Do not take me by surprise or unawares. Do not cause the outcome of my life's work to be nothing but disappointment and regret. May it please You to view me with favor, for Your forgiveness is granted to the wrongdoers and I am one of the wrongdoers. O Allah, forgive me that which cannot do You any harm, and grant me that which cannot bring You any benefit. You are the One whose Mercy [Rahma] is all-embracing, the One whose Wisdom [Hikma] is incomparable, so grant me the blessings of comfort and composure, security and good health, thankfulness, well-being, and devotion to duty [taqwa]. Instill patience and honesty in me and in your saintly friends [awliya']. Let ease [yusr] be Your gift to me, and do not let it come with difficulty ['usr] attached. Extend these same blessings to my wife and children, to my brothers in You, and to all those Muslim men [Muslimin] and Muslim women [Muslimat], those believing men [mu'minin] and believing women [mu'minat], who have helped me to become the man I am today."

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