Shaykh Mutawalli Ad-Darsh answers fiqh questions



Q: Is it Bid'ah to kiss the Holy Qur'an when opening and closing it?

A: No, it is not a Bid'ah.

Imam an-Nawawi reported that when Ikrimah (may Allah be pleased with him) used to see the Holy Qur'an, he used to put it on his head and kiss it and show a great deal of respect for it, saying "This is the book of Allah, this is the book of Allah."

From this Imam as-Suyuti said it is good to kiss the Holy Qur'an, also drawing an analogy with the black stone in the Ka'bah. Both are to be seen as a gift from Allah.

Similarly, in the same way that we kiss our children to show affection and love, it is a sign of our devotion and love for Allah to kiss the Holy Qur'an.