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A Repudiation of "Salafi" Innovations

Intercession - Tawassul

Is it true, as some people say, that tawassul or "seeking means" through the Prophet and the awliya' such as seeking their intercession is not necessary nor a priority in Islam, because Allah said that He is near and answers whoever calls Him directly?
What about the statement in al-Wala' wal-Bara' according to the `Aqeedah of the Salaf whereby among the "ten actions that negate Islam" is "relying on an intermediary between oneself and Allah when seeking intercession"?
What about those who compare tawassul and asking intercession to the Christian worship of Jesus and the saints, those who reject tabarruk bi al-athar -- getting blessings from the Prophet's relics -- as being outside Islam, and those who put limitations on invoking salawat -- blessings and peace -- on the Prophet?
And what about Albani's claims that tawassul is not through the person of the Prophet even after his time, but through his du`a and only in his lifetime?

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Table of Contents


The Proofs for Intercession (Shafa`a) in Islam

What is the meaning of Intercession?

Proof-texts of intercession in the Qur'an and Hadith

  1. Linguistic definitions
  2. Statement of the Doctrine of Intercession in Islam and the Obligations of Belief Therein
  3. Proofs of intercession and mediation in the Qur'an
  4. Proofs of intercession/mediation in the Hadith
  5. Overview of the events of the Last Day at the stage of intercession

Seeking means (tawassul) through the Prophet

Tawassul through the Awliya'

Intermediaries to Allah are integral to true belief

Shaykh Salih al-Na`man's fatwa on Tawassul

Fatwa of Shaykh Suhayl al-Zabibi

Fatwa of Mustafa ibn Ahmad al-Hasan al-Shatti al-Hanbali al-Athari al-Dimashqi (1856-1929 C.E)

Repudation of those who compare asking intercession to the Christian worship of Jesus and the saints

Darud Taj: Invocation of blessing upon the Prophet known as "Invocation of the Crown"

Other Invocations of blessings and Peace Upon the Prophet

Answers to those who reject getting blessings from the Prophet's relics (Tabarruk bi al-athar) as being outside Islam

  1. Basics
  2. The Companions' Seeking of Blessings With the Prophet's Person and His Relics
    1. Tabarruk with the Prophet's hair and nails
    2. Tabarruk with the Prophet's sweat
    3. Tabarruk with the Prophet's saliva and ablution water
    4. Tabarruk with the Prophet's cup
    5. Tabarruk with the Prophet's minbar
    6. Tabarruk with money the Prophet gave away
    7. Tabarruk with the Prophet' s staffs
    8. Tabarruk with the Prophet's shirt
    9. Tabarruk with the Prophet's musallas or places of prayer
    10. Tabarruk with the Prophet's grave
    11. Tabarruk with the Prophet's jubba (robe or cloak)
    12. Tabarruk with spots and people the Prophet had touched
    13. Tabarruk with the soil and vegetation of Madina
    14. Tabarruk with his Holy Hand and Feet
    15. Tabarruk From His Blessed Skin
    16. Tabarruk with places the Prophet visited
    17. The Prophet's sandals

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