Q. A friend of mine has a boyfriend and will get married. But the problem is her parents don't accept her fiancee since he is not quite good. Facing this situation is confusing her because she is joining the lecture of Ikhwanul Muslimin and according to her she was told that she must be married with one of the men from her group. And her boy friend is from this group. Some people said that she can take" wali hakim" to replace her father. Could you elaborate this matter ?

A. If her parents are against her marriage because they are afraid it will be bad for her Islamically, and she then ignores them and marries, then let her not complain to them afterwards if she regrets it. Allah's blessings and His guarantee do not reside in disobeying parents but it resides in obeying and pleasing them, not some group of strangers. The Prophet said: Allah's pleasure is in the pleasure of the parent, and His displeasure is in the displeasure of the parent; and he said: Obeying your parents is the most central door of Paradise. Tirmidhi narrated both of them and they are authentic.