Q. My question is regarding the different dhikr that each Sufi tariqah prescribes and that are not considered to be of the Prophetic dhikr, but of dhikrs that are particular to one tariqah. Let me give you one example which may make things clears. In Nuh Keller's pamphlet on the Shadhili tariqah, Tariqah Notes, he writes the following, "The Wird al'Amm or 'General Wird' is the main dhikr of the tariqah, and it brings many blessings, particulary, our sheikh emphasizes, if it is complimented by being mindful of Allah during the day whenever one buys or sells something. Among the wird's many blessings it that whoever takes it from a true shaikh is protected from the calmaties that descend upon those around them, is guarded from the harmful jinn, finds unlooked for blessings from Allah in their life and help from Him in their religion. It holds the secret of the tariqah...By taking the tariqah, performing the wird has become like a vow, and if one misses it, one should make it up, as is done with confirmed sunnah." pg. 7. The claification is centered around this statement and the sources that this wird or other wirds from other tariqahs can provide these great things. What is the Islamic evidence to support the fact that this dhikr has these special benefits. I only ask this to increase my appreciation and understand Sufism. Thank you. Wa salam alaikum.

A. Wa `alaykum as-salam, the Islamic evidence to support the fact that the dhikr prescribed by a shaykh of tariqa has special benefits lies in the experience and good faith of those who practiced it. It should be evident in their words and deeds which have a positive effect on our iman, and even in their mere presence and appearance when one observes them and is reminded of Allah, and Allah knows best.