Q. Nowdays alot of business using multi level marketing system. it means the income will not only base on our sales but it base on our downline. the more we get downline the more will get bonus. What if we already old but since we have a lot of downline so we still get bonus even though we don't make any sales. is it permissible in Islam ?

A. The bonus is, in the mind of the company, a gift rewarding seniority as a salesman, so it is still linked to sales, generally not specifically. Also, it is an incentive, in view of which the junior salestaff is motivated to work harder and not to look for other employment. All employees, old, new, and prospective, take such bonuses under consideration as an attractive factor of salary. And is it not subject to taxes and considered "Wages" just like the baseline salary? All this shows that you are working for it. And Allah knows best.