Q. In the Holy Quraan it is mentioned that for a man who enters Paradise he will have many wide eyed Houries, and the Martyr will have many virgins of Paradise. And the Prophetic Hadiths indicate the same also, i.e. many sensual pleasures and delights for the male moumin.
But by looking at the Quraan and Hadiths it seems to indicate that a rightous woman moumin will only recieve her husband, if he was rightous.
Whenever a woman argues that this Deen favousr men and brings forth there arguements, I cannot explain myself.
I KNOW that Allah Almighty is the BEST of Judges and the Most Wise, and I do not at all doubt this. But what did the Classical Scholars say on this subject, if anything.

A. Tell them:

"Immortal youths -- young men -- shall go about them" (76:19) (56:17)

This is the reply given to an identical question, by my beloved shaykh Shaykh Hisham Kabbani.