Q. Is it permissable for a husband to have breast milk from is wife? If not, please explain.

A. It is permissible, according to what was already explained concerning the fact that after the two years of infancy, suckling does not result in a mahram relationship. This is the correct position. Only those who claim that a mahram relationship results for a suckling at any age even an adult, would consider forbidden that the husband take breast-milk from his wife. The latter view was forwarded by Ibn Taymiyya, and Shawkani followed him in it. Mufti Lajpuri al-Hanafi considered such an act between adults as thoroughly reprehensible and he declared it the part of both the husband and his wife in his haram on Fatawa Rahimiyyadoes not result in a mahram relationship. If in , but he said that it did not dissolve the marriage, i.e. it doubt, abstain. And Allah knows best.