Q. I have a question regarding the wedding party according to sunnah. In our society some people make wedding party by segregating between a women guest and a man guest. This is because we are avoiding ikhtilat (mixing of men and women). But some are arguing that if we make by mixing them it is ok because our society does not completly understand Islam. If those who make wedding party and doing mixing is it haram, and what should we do so that people will understand Islam?

A. Ikhtilat or mixing is un-Islamic. Clearly those who avoid it are closer to the Sunna. In a non-Muslim society, they don't consider it bad manners to mix, they consider it good, so the matter requires more caution. There is ignorance of religion, and cultural difference. But for Muslims to do it in their own society, what is their excuse? If you want that wedding to be blessed, make it conform to the Sunna of the Prophet, blessings and Peace upon him as much as you can.