October 1st, 1996

Welcome !

Welcome, dear readers to the first edition of the newsletter al-Ummah. It is the great pleasure of all of us here at As-Sunna Foundation of America to present this new Islamic forum for Ahl as-Sunna wal-Jama`at. We hope the news, features and perspectives presented in this newsletter, on a monthly basis will be the basis for renewed interest and love for Islam based on the authentic `aqidah of Ahl as-Sunna. This renewal as always must be accompanied with full respect for all Muslims, whether they differ with us or agree.

The intention of As-Sunna Foundation in presenting this newsletter is to present the truth, as the truth is the basis for everything in Islam. The basic premise of Ahl as-Sunna `aqidah is that anyone who makes his profession of faith, faces the same qiblah and establishes the five pillars is of us and we love every such person for the sake of Allah and His beloved Messenger (s).

For this reason, we intend to publish every month a Perspective Section, which will deal with issues of concern to the Ummah, and especially with the special concerns of Ahl as-Sunna in North America.At the same time, we intend to present news of the Muslim world, and North America in particular, from the perspective of Ahl as-Sunna, emphasizing our creed (`aqidah) and our way (maslak). And though at times what we print may be considered by those of other creeds as controversial or something to be kept "under the rug", we as Ahl as-Sunna, feel these issues and topics need to be discussed in the light of the sun, as it were, and not be left in the dark to "bite us" when we least expect it. As long as we are seeking the truth, Allah `azza wa jall will support us. We ask that Allah make us among those who listen to the Truth and support it, without regard to claims of party and kinship. We welcome the input of articles and feedback from our reading public. I am accessible by email, mail or phone and am always happy to take interesting articles and news.


Mateen Siddiqui



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