Resolution Concerning the Plight of the Muslim People of Afghanistan

Unity Conference



First International Islamic Unity Conference

In the name of the God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

On August 4, 1996, during a special session of the First International Islamic Unity Conference held in the city of Los Angeles, the human tragedy resulting from the continuation of war in the Muslim country of Afghanistan was discussed.

The session was attended by His Eminence As-Sayyid Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani, Grand-Mufti of Cyprus and his representative, As-Sayyid Shaykh Hisham Muhammad Kabbani, Chairman of the conference, His Eminence Yusuf ar-Rifa'i, Former Minister, Kuwait His Eminence Shaykh Rajab Dib, Deputy Mufti of Syria and a large number of Islamic and international scholars, representatives of numerous Islamic organizations, a large number of interested Muslim brothers and sisters and participants representing other faiths and religions. A delegation of His Majesty Mohammad Zahir Shah, the former King of Afghanistan, was invited to represent Afghanistan in the conference. The delegation presented the three-phase plan developed and proposed by His Majesty to bring peace to Afghanistan. That plan honors the right of self-determination of the Afghan people with the objective of establishing a true Islamic representative government acceptable to the majority of the citizens of Afghanistan.

Professor Abdul Sattar Sirat, the head of His Majesty's delegation, conveyed His Majesty's warm Islamic greetings and appreciation to the organizers and participants of the International Islamic Unity Conference. His Majesty's grandson, Prince Mohammad Mustafa Zahir, who was also a member of the delegation, addressed the conference and elaborated on the three-phase peace plan proposed by His Majesty.

His Eminence Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Qubrusi explained the true philosophy and wisdom of Islamic rule, and praised His Majesty's efforts towards bringing peace and tranquility to the Muslim nation of Afghanistan.

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