Tapes for the Workshop Sessions of the
International Islamic Unity Conference

Tape ID Title Number of tapes

Friday, August 2nd

072Spirituality - Holy Jihad & Jihad An-Nafs - Dr. Gariel Haddad, Moderator2
073Bringing Peace to Areas of Conflict- Abdul Wahid, Moderator2

Saturday, August 3rd

074Islamic Auditions of Praise of God- Omar al-Barzinji, ModeratorBosnian, Malaysian and Pakistani Youth Singing Groups2
075Networking - Develop Investment Opportunities - Farid Farukhi, Moderator2
076Islam and Entertainment - M.C. Hammer, Moderator2

Sunday, August 4th

077Binding the Muslim Family in the West- Dr. Layla Maryati, Moderator2
078Exemplar of Politics in Islam- Dr. Nizar Khaja, Moderator2
080Muslim Minorities in Europe- Dr. Khaldoun Hamade1
082Islam in America - Aslam Abdullah1
084Seyyed Abu Bakr Musliyar1
085Qur'an Recital, Madih1
086Qur'an Recital by Shaykh Mohammad Buheiry, President of Quranic Reciters of Egypt1
088Salat'l Asr1

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