Destruction of the Kaaba

Muslims take up the cry against the Zionist government when it undermines the foundations of Bayt al-Maqdis in Jerusalem by digging a tunnel near its walls, making protests there, here and throughout the world to make the Zionist and US governments realize the tremendous audacity of this deed. When the Barbari Masjid was destroyed, India was rocked by the protests and riots sparked by this direct violation of the sacrosanct precincts of one of the oldest Islamic shrines on the sub-continent. Even when advertising in America indirectly pokes fun at Muslims (e.g. Mastercard), protests, faxes, letters, and flag-burning result in immediate withdrawal of the ads. This begs the obvious question: when those who have put themselves in charge of the Two Inviolable Places of Islam tear down the most holy of holy places in Islam, no news mentions this despicable action, nor is any word of protest heard anywhere! Unconfirmed reports have the Saudi government selling pieces of the Kaaba to unnamed buyers, and indicate they may be digging for treasure under the site occupied by the Kaaba, as they did with the well of Zamzam some years ago (an incident we intend to describe and analyze in the near future insha-Allah).

Whom did the Saudis consult to give them permission to remove the Sacred Qiblah? Who is behind this despicable action: are they the same ones who permitted American troops into the Muslim Holy Land of al-Hijaz to kill their fellow Muslims? Who are they, to remove the blessed stones which were so lovingly placed in the presence of our Prophet (s). Even the Prophet (s) himself did not tear it down, though it may be argued he had the best reason to do so and replace it with a new building.2 They all found methods to support the walls while they replastered them or repaired them, but they never demolished the Kaaba completely except after it had already been damaged by attacking armies.3 [See related News Story]

2 Aisha (r) narrated that the Prophet of Allah (s) told her: "When your people built the Kaaba, they fell short of the foundations of Ibrahim.? So I said: "O Prophet of Allah! Why don?t you bring it back to the foundations of Ibrahim?? He said: "If it was not for your people?s recent encounter with unbelief, I would have done it.? al-Muwatta.

3 The Kaaba was burnt at the time of Yazid Ibn Mu?awiya when the people of Sham attacked it. At that time, the Sahabi Ibn Al-Zubayr (r) made the decision to tear it down. The people tried to turn him back, but when the people saw that no punishment took place they continued to tear it down until they reached the earth. Ibn Al-Zubayr (r) erected pillars and put curtains on it until the building was put up again. .

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