Prince Charles:
Sincere or Suckering the Muslims?

Prince Charles’ latest speech praising Islam makes it is clear that here is a person who is taken by Islam.

This latest in a series of speeches praising the beliefs and essence of the religion are a clear sign of his interest, perhaps even love for our religion. Perhaps even stronger evidence of this love are his frequent visits to the Muslim world, Islamic holy places, meetings with Muslim leaders and `ulama. In the last year alone he visited Morocco twice, Egypt once, Uzbekistan and the former Soviet Muslim republics and Bosnia. While in Uzbekistan, he doffed traditional Islamic garb to attend a wedding, spent time with the mufti, and made a special trip to see the Quran of Sayiddina `Uthman (r). His dedication of a South London mosque, outfitted in traditional Sunnah attire are further evidence of this love.

Though we are unable to verify the report of a London newspaper that "the Prince met with the mufti of Cyprus [Shaykh Nazim Adil] and accepted the Islamic religion with him" we do hope that Allah leads him to take this final step. We are gratified to see such an attitude in one who has nothing to gain and everything to lose by taking the stand he has. He is now often severely criticized in the press for his "Mullah visits".

HRH the Prince of Wales doffs wedding garb in Uzbekistan. The Prince was proud to wear the traditional purple Islamic wedding gown as good manners before visiting the "Quran of Uthman". The Mufti Mukhtar Abdullaev assisted the Prince in getting on the traditional gown, sash and cap, after which he visited the oldest known mushaf--the Quran of the Caliph `Uthman, may Allah be pleased with him, shown on the let next to Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, who visited the Telly-Sheikh Masjid in Tashkent in 1993 after attending the re-dedication of the madrasa of Imam Bukhari.

It is unfortunate that some closed-minded Muslims choose to attack the Prince of Wales, as someone trying to take advantage of the Muslims and to sell them arms. He has demonstrated his own dislike for armament sales and his general deprecation of the status quo in international politics, including a fairly radical denunciation of Saddam Hussein’s killing of the Arabs of Southern Iraq in 1993. For someone in his position to have the courage to come out in support of the religion of Islam, we can only say may Allah support him, even if those who denigrate him are themselves Muslims.

As The Prophet (s) "for someone to guide to Islam a single person is better than the fine red camel." So may Allah guide the Prince and along with him his nation, for as the history of Islam has shown over and over again, when the rulers accept the faith, their people are soon to follow. This was the case of the Turkish Seljuks as well as the non-believing Mongols who ransacked the Muslim countries, before finally accepting Islam, Hindu rulers of the Malay Peninsula and the first Ming emperor. Finally it is the sunnah of our Prophet (s) to call the rulers to Islam, and if the Prince feels himself called to Islam, it is despite the naysayers and denigrators who due perhaps to a severe inferiority complex cannot imagine a Western ruler becoming a believer.

the Editors

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