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Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine
7 Volumes

Shaykh Hisham Muhammad Kabbani

Volume 1

Beliefs - `aqida

Volume 2
Remembrance of Allah - dhikr Allah, madeeh, na`at, qasidat al-burda

Volume 3
The Prophet (s): Commemorations, visitation and his Knowledge of the Unseen
Mawlid, ziyara, `ilm al-ghayb

Volume 4
Shafa`a, tawassul, istighatha

Volume 5
Self-purification: State of Excellence
tazkiyyat an-nafs/tasawwuf, Ihsan

Volume 6
Forgotten Aspects of Islamic Worship: Part 1

Volume 7
Forgotten Aspects of Islamic Worship: Part 2

Volume 8
Indices, Biographies, Bibliography
(Vol. 8 to appear later)

Published by As-Sunna Foundation of America

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