Salam alaykum:

I had intended to let these endless argutiae die of their natural death, but I now seem to have to clarify my stand with respect to Br. Asim's major stepping out of bounds. Standing for truth on the Internet rather than on the field of battle does not make truth any less honorable. We are here, not there - as proven beyond doubt by our self-feeding prattle. The truth both here and there, is that the ulamas stand for Islam as a whole and are at the forefront of those whose honor is worthy of defense -indeed without second. Allah Almighty made this abundantly clear when He mentioned them right next to Him and exclusively of everybody else, as knowing the explanation of the Qur'an in the beginning of Sura Al `Imran. The Prophet - Allah bless and greet him - also made this abundantly clear when he said that the ink of the ulamas is dearer than the blood of the martyrs. Truly I see no excuse for the disrespectful Muslims who continue to deny the explicit proofs of the Qur'an and Sunna for the benefit of their delusions of egalitarianism. To call my standing for these truths "shamelessness," is the soul of shamelessness. As is the selfsame method of Mr. Heger in calling my refutations of his posts "impertinent," - when in fact his posts and remarks are the soul of impertinence.

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani 's successful invitation and first-hand introduction of the complaints of the Kosovar delegation, the president of Chechnya, and the religious authorities of half a dozen central Asian states last summer to the US Capitol have been published in print and uploaded on this media. In light of this, Br. Awan's sanctimonious protests certainly sound like hollow demagoguery not to mention Br. Mahdi's similar aspersions.

As for discussing various points of the Shari`a, no-one ever needed permission from the non-scholars on appropriateness or timing. Even if the Hour were rising we are commanded to go on with our mundane activities, let alone the obligatory and recommended activities of replying on questions that concern knowledge in the Religion.

Subhan Allah that one should have to go all this length to defend what Allah said and what His Prophet said -- Allah bless and greet him -- on `Ilm and `Ulamas (Allah be well-pleased and benefit us with them ) against the barbs not of Christians and Jews, but Muslims. No wonder Allah has withdrawn His support from those who profess Islam, except those upon whom He shows mercy. And the latter, once again, are - the `Ulamas.