The enemies of Islam camouflage their attacks with a pretense of defending pure Islam; however, they expose themselves by the fact that although they claim to follow the pious Salaf, they are afraid to sign their actual names and be held accoutable for their words, although this is obligatory in Islam in the matter of accusations of deviancy! We Muslims know that an anonymous report is worthless and rejected by the Shari`a.

Instead, they take a cowardly course in their evil action: they publish and distribute a slanderous booklet against Naqshbandi Muslims, and at the same time refrain from accepting responsibility for their gossip. They make charges of kufr against people of Tawhid -- the gravest charges -- from an anonymous standpoint! Do they think, if they try to hide their identities from Muslims, that Allah does not know who they are?

Recently one such attack from the "Salafis" has come to our attention in the form of a 19-page booklet entitled The Naqshbandi Tariqat Unveiled, published by al-Hidaayah, 242 2/1 Galle Road, Colombo - 6, Fax: 502678, Sri Lanka.

This book is a masterpiece of false witness against Muslims and we ask all our sincere brothers and sisters in Islam who see this book to consider themselves warned before Allah of this anonymous deception and perjury. The Prophet explicitly warned of the hypocrites with a glib tongue who cite Qur'an and hadith but whose arguments are designed to shake people's faith in the truth:

"What I most fear for my Community is every hypocrite with a skilled tongue." Narrated by Ahmad in his Musnad with a good chain.

??I??E???C ??E?? ?????I? ??I??E???C I??????? E??? U?????C?? ??E?I???? ??I??E???C ????????? C??????I???? ??I??E???? ??E?? ??E???C?? C??????I???? ???? ?????? E??? C??I????CE? ????? C?????? ?????? ????? ??????? C?????? ?????? C?????? ???????? ????????? ??C?? ????? ??I????? ??C ??I?C?? ????? ?????E?? ????? ????C???? ??????? C??????C?? *

Certain glib-tongued "Salafis" have cut out excerpts from various books which they separated skillfully from their original contexts, after which they pasted those excerpts under rubrics titled "NAQSHBANDI BELIEF" and they commented them under rubrics named "ISLAMIC BELIEF." They did this in order to insinuate, through this deceitful contrast between NAQSHBANDI and ISLAMIC, that Naqshbandis are not Muslims.

The Prophet said, as related variously from Abu Hurayra and Ibn `Umar by Bukhari and Muslim: "Whoever calls his (Muslim) brother kafir, the accusation holds true of one of them or comes back on the one who said it." Malik also narrates in his Muwatta' that the Prophet was asked: "Can a believer be a coward?" He said: "Yes." He was asked: "Can a believer be a miser?" He said: "Yes." He was asked again: "Can a believer be a liar?" He said : "No."

(??C?E C?EIC??) ??I??E???C ??????C????? ??C?? ??I??E???? ??C???? ???? ??E?I?C?????? E??? I????C?? ???? ??E?I?C?????? E??? ?????? ????? C?????? ????????C ????? ??????? C?????? ?????? C?????? ???????? ????????? ??C?? ???????C ?????? ??C?? ????I???? ??C ??C???? ????I? E?C?? E???C ????I?????C *

(??C?E ?C??) ? ??I??E???? ??C??? ???? ??????C?? E??? ???????? ??????? ??C?? ????? ????????? C?????? ?????? C?????? ???????? ????????? ????????? C?????????? ??E?C??C ????C?? ?????? ??????? ???? ????????? C?????????? E?I????C ????C?? ?????? ??????? ???? ????????? C?????????? ?????CE?C ????C?? ??C *

It is extremely revealing that the "Salafis" suggest that the Naqshbandis hold other than Islamic belief, although in our time no one is known to have brought as many people to Islam than the Shaykhs of the Naqshbandi tariqa. For example, they say in their introduction [our emphasis]:

The greatest danger of this group [the Naqshbandis] lies in the fact that they, while wearing the cloak of Islaam, are striving to destroy it from within, in a vain attempt to extinguish the light of Islaam and divert the Muslims from the reality of the religion.

The above is the essence of false testimony. It is ironic that under all such lying charges, the "Salafis" cannot hide the fact that they are seldom seen bringing anyone into Islam, while the Naqshbandis whom they attack have brought thousands and tens of thousands into Islam! Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani built the first large mosque in London twenty-five or so years ago, and Shaykh Nazim's deputy, Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, has been observed to walk into a conference room full of American and Canadian non-Muslims and not walk out before they had all said "ashhadu an la ilaha illalla wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah." Nothing disturbs Shaytan more than such scenes. Consequently, we see that Shaytan pushes certain groups of his supporters to mount attacks upon Allah's Friends and question the religion of Muslims. The slanderous booklet The Naqshbandi Tariqat Unveiled is one such attack.

Al-hamdu lillah, the present booklet decisively refutes every single lie found in their attack and exposes the anti-Islamic nature of their methods and philosophy. It is asked that every sincere Muslim take it upon themselves to distribute this useful refutation in every place where anti-Naqshbandi, "Salafi" propaganda is found, and success is from Allah.