The first "Salafi" attack attributes shirk to the expression "I am the Truth." On page three of their pamphlet they say:

On page 15 of the book The Naqshbandi Way it reads - "Whoever recites this Ayah even a single time will attain a high rank and a great position, he will get what the Prophets and saints could not get, and will arrive at the stage of Aba Yazid al-Bistami, the Imam of the order who said: "I am the Truth (al-Haqq)."

We will turn in time, insha Allah, to the explanation of the statement "he will get what the Prophets and saints could not get" which the "Salafis" have underlined. For now it suffices to refute their following objection:

The above statement "I am the Truth" - is a clear example of Shirk (association) in the aspect of the Names and Attributes of Allaah, since Al-Haqq in the definite form, is one of Allaah's unique attributes and is not shared by any created being or thing unless preceded by the prefix `Abd meaning "Slave of" or "Servant of".


The claim that it is shirk for a creature to say "I am the Truth" is one of many similar outlandish, childish rulings of the "Salafis."

Refuting their statement that "Al-Haqq in the definite form is a unique attribute of Allah not shared by any created being or thing unless preceded by the prefix `Abd" is Allah's own statement:

Wa qul ja'a AL-HAQQ wa zahaqa al-batil

Say: HAQQ has come and falsehood has perished (17:81)

The meaning of this verse is enough to show that, contrary to what they claim, Allah uses the name AL-HAQQ for other than Himself, namely the Prophet, blessings and peace upon him, and the Glorious Qur'an.

This is established by hafiz al-Suyuti in al-Riyad al-Aniqa (p. 143-144):

[Among the names and attributes of the Prophet is:] al-Haqq: This was mentioned by al-Qadi `Iyad and Ibn Dihya. Allah the Exalted said: "AL-HAQQ has come to you from your Lord" (10:108); "Until AL-HAQQ came to them, and a manifest Messenger" (43:29); "They gave AL-HAQQ the lie when it came to them" (6:5). One of the two views is: AL-HAQQ here means Muhammad, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam, the other being that it means the Qur'an. Allah also said: "They bear witness that the Messenger is HAQQ" (3:86), and in the hadith in Bukhari: "And Muhammad is HAQQ.".

al-Hamdu lillah, the above evidence establishes beyond the shadow of a doubt that those who claim that al-Haqq can never be used for other than Allah are lying about Allah and His Messenger. Therefore Abu Yazid al-Bistami (d. 261) is clear of their slings and slanders. And how could he not be, when he is the Imam of the Godwary among the Salaf and is found praised in the books of the Imams of fiqh, hadith, and tasawwuf, to the point that Imam Nawawi said in Bustan al-`Arifin: "If it were permitted, I would compare his sayings to hadith"?

Below is the defense of Abu Yazid against the slanders of the "Salafis" from the very one whom the "Salafis" claim as their leader and teacher in doctrine, Ibn Taymiyya. In the second volume of the complete edition of his fatwas entitled Majmu`at al-fatawa al-kubra Ibn Taymiyya says (p. 396-397):

This state of love is the state of many people from among the people of love to Allah and the People of Desire of Allah (Ahl al-irada). When such a person vanishes to himself in the object of his love -- that is, Allah -- through the intensity of his love, he will recall Allah, not recalling himself, and remember Allah, not remembering himself, and visualize Allah (yastashhid), not visualizing himself, and exist in Allah, not in himself. When he reaches that stage, he no longer feels his own existence. That is why he says in this state: ANA AL-HAQQ (I am the Truth), or subhani (Glory to Me!) and ma fi al-jubba illa Allah (there is nothing in this cloak except Allah), because he is drunk with the love of Allah and this is a pleasure and happiness that he cannot control. From such states the pen of the Law is lifted.

We would like to ask the anonymous "Salafis" who claimed that the statement ana al-Haqq constitutes shirk: Is Ibn Taymiyya claiming that the Shari`a excuses shirk? Or, rather, have you made up a type of shirk that is not recognized by your own Imam?