The "Salafi" attackers say in p. 7 of their slanderous booklet:

The Islaamic Belief [is]: Believers and disbelievers are not equal. Allah (Subhaanahuwata`ala) says in the Qur'aan - "The likeness of the two parties (disbelievers and believers) is as the blind and the deaf and the seer and the hearer. Are they equal when compared? Will you not then take heed?" (Qur'aan, Chapter 11, Verse 24) [But] The Naqshabandi Belief [is]: Believers and disbelievers are equal.


Allah said: "Only those invent falsehood who believe not Allah's revelations, -- And they are the liars." (16:105) Observe how these attackers forge a grave lie against Muslims without fear of consequences, by falsely accusing them of contradicting the word of Allah. Imam Tahawi said in his `Aqida tahawiyya (#65): "All the Believers are Friends of Allah," and Allah said, in the hadith qudsi already quoted: "Whoever harms one of My Friends, I declare war upon him." He gave a terrible warning when He said: "Behold! The Curse of Allah is on those who do wrong!" (11:18)

The attackers adduced as their proof to support their lie against Naqshbandis, the following passages from The Naqshbandi Sufi Way:

This is deliberately cut out from a much longer sentence.

This is also cut out from a much longer sentence.

Here now, O Muslim reader, is the original text for both passages so that you may see for yourself the extent of Shaytan's attempts to convict and condemn human beings, whereas the way of Believers is to find seventy excuses for your brother. Notice also that the way of Shaytan is lies whereas the Prophet said that the Believer never lies.

(1) Our respected teacher says: If a non-Believer should recite al-Fatihah, even if only once in his whole life, then he will not leave this world without obtaining at least part of those divine favors, because Allah does not distinguish between the non-Believer and the Fasiq (Wrongdoer) or between a Believer and a Muslim, [footnote mark] in fact they are all equal to Him, since they are all included in the Ayah: (I seek refuge in Allah:) "And We have honored the Sons of Adam." (17:70)

(2) So, my children, you should know that if a non-Believer or a hypocrite recites this Surah [al-Inshirah] or any Ayah of it, especially: (I seek refuge in Allah:) [fa] inna ma` al-yusri yusran, inna ma` al-yusri yusra. (94:5-6) Then he will obtain some of those divine graces, Tajallis [divine bestowals] and virtues, because Allah does not distinguish between a Kafir or a hypocrite, or between a Saint and a Prophet. All slaves are equal in the sight of Allah because they are all included in the verse: [wa] la-qad karramna bani Adam. (17:70)

We hope that the method followed by the "Salafis" is now as clear as day: they cut out from the above passages just what is enough in their view to constitute a dubious or reprehensible assertion, and they left out Allah's verse quoted from His Book and around which the entirety of each passage revolves! This is no different from the method of Jews and Christians in our time when they attack the religion of Islam in the media, highlighting what constitutes "terrorism" in their view and covering up the fact that Islam is the Religion of peace and civilization.

Note also that the original book from which the "Salafis" lifted these passages provides a three-page explanatory footnote in small type appended to passage (1) above. Of course they did not cite it or bring it up because they are not interested in deriving hikma -- wisdom -- but only in disseminating su' al-zann -- bad opinion -- about other Muslims!

Truly our Shaykh Mawlana Nazim Adil al-Haqqani spoke well when he said of the "Salafis":

These people are given (some) knowledge but no wisdom. Allah said: yu'ti al-hikmata man yasha', wa man utiya al-hikmata utiya khayran kathiran -- "He gives wisdom to whomever He will, and whoever is given wisdom, he has been given an immense goodness" (2:269). Allah Almighty never gave everyone wisdom. So many people, in American universities, are learning Islamic knowledge, but they are not mu'mins [Believers]. They haven't been given wisdom. They are only reading books. Wisdom is the sum of knowledge. Without wisdom knowledge is dead.

Nor do we publish the present booklet in order to persuade our accusers, for Allah said: "Verily you cannot make the dead hear and you can not make the deaf hear the call when they turn their backs and retreat" (27:80), however, we only address ourselves to our sincere Muslim brothers who have been exposed to their wiles and asked us to refute them once and for all, and praise belongs to Allah.

Below is an excerpt from the three-page explanatory footnote related to passages (1) and (2) above, which the "Salafis" covered up when citing the original text from The Naqshbandi Way: A Guidebook for Spiritual Progress:

Then Grandshaykh mentioned that Allah Almighty regards His slaves with the Eye of Equality. Does this need any explanation? Can anyone really object? How can they object, when each time they pray and read Fatihah they address Him Almighty as "Lord of the Worlds"? If He wasn't the "Lord of the Worlds" He would have described Himself as "The Lord of the Muslims"! If such people don't like to recognize what Grandshaykh says on this subject, then they will have to change the Qur'an so as to address Him as "The Lord of the Muslims" rather than "The Lord of the Worlds" -- and to do such a thing would certainly be blasphemous! So, if they object to the statement of our Grandshaykh that in the sight of the Creator all His creatures are viewed with equality, and if they see this as being a mistake, they have, in effect, left Islam.