[1] Hadith One

The Prophet's Recommendation Allah bless and greet him - to Ibn `Abbas in Which He Describes the Habits A Believer Must Have With Allah Almighty

Al-Tirmidhi narrated from Ibn `Abbas - Allah be well-pleased with both of them! - that he said:

"I was [riding] behind the Prophet one day and he said to me: 'O my boy! I shall teach you certain words. Keep Allah [with you], and He shall keep you. Keep Allah [with you], and you shall find Him facing you. If you ask for something, ask Allah. If you seek help, seek it from Allah. Know with certainty that if the entire Community gather together to support you, they can benefit you nothing except in what Allah has foreordained for you; and if they gather together in order to harm you, they can harm you in nothing except in what Allah has foreordained against you. The quills have been raised and the records are dry.'"

Imam Ahmad added in his narration: "Seek to know Allah in the time of prosperity and He shall know you in the time of affliction. Know that perseverance in the face of what you hate is an immense good, that help lies with patience, deliverance with trial, and with hardship goes ease."

Narrated from Ibn `Abbas by Ahmad in his Musnad with a sound chain as stated by Shaykh Ahmad Shakir

Allah's blessings and peace on the Prophet., his Family, and his Companions

Dr. G.F. Haddad

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