[6] Hadith Six

The Prophet's - Allah bless and greet him - Prohibition Against Being A Conformer, Rather, Let One Practice Goodness And Follow Truth

It is narrated from Hudhayfa -- Allah be well-pleased with him -- that he said: Allah's Messenger said: "Do not be conformers who say: 'If people do good we shall do good, and if they do wrong we shall do wrong.' Rather, make yourselves ready to do good if people do good, and, if they do wrong, not to do wrong."

Al-Tirmidhi narrated it and declared it hasan, as stated in al-Targhib and elsewhere.1

1 Al-Tirmidhi declared it hasan gharib. It is narrated by al-Bukhari in al-Tarikh al-Kabir (4:367 #3169) with the wording: "Do not be conformers who turn with every wind."

Allah's blessings and peace on the Prophet., his Family, and his Companions

Dr. G.F. Haddad

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