Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
as-salaam alaykum,
Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, As-Sunnah Foundation founder and president, has recently been requested by Dr. `Isa al-Mani` of Dubai to assist with a project of major importance to Ahl as-Sunnah wal'l-Jama`ah. Dr. `Isa recently published the book al-juzíuíl-mafqud min al-juzíi-l-awwali min al-Musannafi liíl-hafiz Abi Bakrin `Abdiír-razzaq ibn Husam as-San`ani (الجز المفقود من الجز الاول من المصنّف لالحافظ ابي بكر عبد الرزاق ابن همام الصناني).

Dr. `Isa has requested Shaykh Hisham's assistance in locating an original manuscript of this juz and Shaykh Hisham is requesting all who have such access to search through the world's library catalogs for a manuscript of this book, as it contains very important ahadith of the companion Jabir regarding Allah's creation of the Prophet's Light before all things as explained in detail in Shaykh Hisham's Approach of Armageddon: An Islamic Perspective.

Dr. `Isa al-Mani` has now been strongly attacked by Wahabis for publishing this section of the Musannaf. He did not print from a folio, but actually re-generated the missing juz from various references to it in other scholars' books. However if an original manuscript can be found that will confound the Wahabis who are arguing that the juz is forged. Dr. `Isa has located one such manuscript already in India, but would like further finds for stronger support.

Please concentrate the search for the first section, being Kitab al-Iman, bab fee takhleeq nur Muhammad and the second being Bab al-Wudu, [Kitab at-Tahara] which are contained in the missing juz. The last of it is Bab fee mash al-udhunayn.

Please contact ASFA immediately upon discovery of such a manuscript at (888) 278-6624 or email

We are reproducing the entire book in the following pages, and are currently in the process of translating this wonderful and blessed volume.


Staff, As-Sunnah Foundation of America

Begin al-Juz al-mafqud