The Mureeds Longing for the Affiliation of the Awliya and Connection with Them through Love and Service

‘Umar ibn Sa‘eed Al-Futi


‘Umar ibn Sa‘eed Al-Futi said:

Know that the Connection with the People of Allah and to be close to them, is to be connected with Allah al-Kareem and standing in His Presence. Because they are the Means to the Mercy of Allah in this Life and in the Here-After. And from their hands descend Blessings from the Merciful to all those who are deprived (mahrumeen) and they are the Mediators between us and Allah. And if it were not for them, nothing of this world would exist. Allah said, “Oh you who believe, if you help Allah, Allah will help you.” [47:7] And At-Tirmidhi narrated from a Hadith Qudsi, “ If you Honor my awliya, I will Honor You.”

Allah says, “He who wishes for the Reward for this Life, we will provide it for him. And he who wishes for the Rewards of the Here-After, we will provide it for him.” The Knowers of Allah said, “The Reward of this Life (means) the Association with the awliya. And the Reward of the Hereafter is the Association with Al-Haqq. Allah ta‘ala says, “Assist one another in Righteousness and Taqwa. Don’t assist one another in Sin and Enmity.” [5:2] Some of the Knowers of Allah said, “To assist one another in Righteousness and Taqwa (means) Obedience to the Grand Ones amongst the Masters and the Shaykhs. And do not withhold your portions from them in assistance. And they did not assist one another in Sin, (means) being busy with this life. And with Enmity, (means) agreeing with the Desires and the Purposes of the Ego."

Allah says, “From within every group in their midst some shall refrain from going forth altogether and should devote themselves to acquiring Knowledge of the Religion” [9:122] Al-Araais said, “That is to understand the Realities of the Rulings of the Knowledge of Allah, the Way, Reality and Divine Law. And Sahl said, “ The best Travel is from desire to (using) intellect, from ignorance to knowledge, from this life to the hereafter, from ability to do something to participating in it from strength and power, from following the ego to God-Consciousness, from the earth to the Heavens, from creation to Allah ta‘ala. Al-Murtaash said, “Travel is of two kinds:

To learn of the Judgements of the Religion and the fundamentals of Divine Law.

To learn the proper good conduct of worship and to battle with the self.

He who returns from learning the rulings (ahkaam), invites creation to Allah. And he who returns from learning the battle with the self teaches the creation proper conduct from his example (which he learned from the Shaykhs). This kind of travel is for Allah, which entails seeing the People of Allah and by their examples and teachings learning proper good conduct (adab). For this is Allah‘s Blessings for everyone in every land."

It is said in reference to what Allah says, “Those who migrate or who are banished from their homes and and their properties while seeking Grace from Allah….” [59:8] “It is said that they left for the sake of the Love of the Poor and to accompany and emulate them because Poverty is the Way of Truth. Did you not see that The Chosen One (s) sat with them and said, ‘Our dead for your dead and our living for your living.' And when Allah says, “And incline not to those who do wrong, or the Fire will seize you,” [11:113] it means to diverge from the example of those who worship for show, the ignorant ones and those who gather for the sake of evil and the love of being honored among people and to lead others. And not to depend on your tyrannical ego that is ignorant of the rights of Allah swt. Al-Kashaani said, “One who does not sit with a Guide (Imam) who is a Physician (hakeem), is always in error.” Hamud Al-Qasar said, “Do not sit with the People of Mischief. If you do, you will be prevented with sitting with the People of Virtue.” Ja‘far said, “Don’t trust your ego, because it is a tyrant”. And Sahl said, “Don’t sit with the People of Innovation”.

Allah says, “Oh you who believe, seek a Means to Allah...” [5:35] Our Shaykhs say, “Seek a means to Allah that doesn’t separate from Allah so that you may reach Him And there is no Greater Means to Allah than the Prophet (s). And there is no Greater Way to the Prophet (s) except invocation (salawat) on him (s). What is desired in using a means (waseela) to Allah is a Perfect Shaykh. For He is the Greatest of the Ways to Allah. A person is with the one he loves and who loves a people, he is one of them. As narrated from Al-Bukhari (ra) that a man came to the Prophet (s) and asked about the Hour saying, “When is the Hour?” Muhammad said, “What have you prepared for it?” the man said, “ Nothing except I love Allah and His Messenger.” Muhammad (s) said, “Surely you will be with the one you loved.” Anas said, “I love the Prophet (s) and Abu Bakr, and ‘Umar, (may Allah be pleased with them). And I hope to be alive while they are living." Muhammad (s) said, “A man is gathered on the Day of Judgment on the Religion of his brother. So be careful for the one you befriend.”

And if you know this my brother, you should not befriend any except one who raises you up to Allah and shows you the Way to Allah. And this is not to be except one who is free from everything except Allah. There is no enjoyment (for the True Believer) except in their Friendship and no happiness except in their service and their associations. So always be with them with your Heart. Happiness will reach you through there associations and you will benefit greatly from them. If you sit with those who are happy, you will be happy. And if you sit with the neglectful, being neglectful will be pleasingg to you. And if you were to sit with those who Remembers their Lord, it will arouse you out from your slumber and being aware will be pleasing to you. For they are the Group in which there is no distress in sitting with them.

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