Al Muhaddith – Shaikh Mahmoud Ba’youn al Rankousi

His father was pleased and took him personally to Shaikh Badr-u-Deen at the school of Dar el Hadeeth. Since then, he remained and lived there, under Shaikh Badru’d Deen’s personal supervision, whose house was connected by a door to the school.

Although the level of Islamic learning was high at the time, some topics taught by Shaikh Badru’d Deen were of such difficulty that only Shaikh Mahmoud was able to finish them.

After the death of Shaikh Badru’d Deen, he remained in Dar el Hadeeth and helped rebuild it, to allow for more students. He also became one of Shaikh Abul-Khair al Maydaani’s closest students, took the Naqshbandi way from him, and became one of his foremost successors.

Shaikh Mahmoud once said that he saw the Prophet sall Llaahu `alaihi wasallam in a dream where he “gave him” his tongue (the symbol of “speaking the Sunnah”). Indeed, when he used to narrate the Hadeeth, it was as if a door was opening, allowing the listener to directly perceive the splendor of our Prophet’s wisdom and character. Indeed, he was besaught by foremost scholars from all over the world, seeking Hadeeth and Islamic Sciences as well as the Naqshbandi Way. 


Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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