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I asked the shaykh’s son, Abdur Raheem ash-Sha’rawi about his father’s lineage to the Prophet (s) and his affiliation to the Sufi order al-tariqat al-Baaziyya which traces its lineage back to Shaykh Shamsuddin al-Baaz. He said, “The descendants of the Prophet (s) by themselves form a complete tree with many extended branches. We come from among its branches. Our ancestors came from al-Hijaz, from a straitened valley called al-Sha’rawi, and they settled on the east side of Egypt, al-Sharqiyya. From al-Sharqiyya, my grandfather Sidi al-Mutawalli, a great Sufi shaykh, moved to al-Dacadous. He was accompanied by Sidi Abdul Hafiz, his cousin. Sidi Abdul Hafiz was carrier of the flag of the Descendants of the Prophet (s) (Bayrak al-Ashraf), which the tariqat al-Baaziyya is honored to display in all great events, especially on Mawlid an-Nabi (s), the Prophet’s birthday.”

A Life of Good Works

The shaykh sent me to his village al-Dacadous. Abdur Raheem showed me what his father had done for the poverty-stricken hometown in which he had been raised. With the money that Allah bestowed on him in his later life, he built orphanages, hospitals, clinics and an Islamic institute connected to the University of al-Azhar. The university he had established in al-Dacadous cost millions of dollars. He provided scholarships to more than 250 families so that their children could attend the university. This is in addition to what the shaykh had done in Cairo, in the area of Sayyida Nafisa’s mosque and grave. We will mention those accomplishments in later parts of this series. I returned from Dacadous with many different stories pounding in my brain: the extraordinary revelation of his lineage to the Prophet (s), the detailed secrets he revealed regarding his spiritual relationships with his noble ancestors al-Hassan and al-Hussain, and particularly the shaykh’s encounters with the Prophet (s) in many different visions over the course of his life. It took me over nine months to transcribe this vast amount of information from our interviews into this book.

He described to me his long spiritual journey in the spacious courtyard of the family of the Prophet (s), full of observations and experiences and events and stories that are astonishing, stunning and surprising. Secrets were revealed for the first time in his life that will come out in the following series of articles.

The next part of this series will describe Imam Sharawi’s lengthy dialogue with Sayyida Nafisa at her tomb in Cairo.

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