The seventh path to be read on Sunday

O Allah, just as You have chosen them to the envoys to Your Messengers, Guardians of Your Revelations and Witnesses over Your Creation, and have allowed them to pass through the folds of Your Veils, and have given access to Your hidden Unseen Realms and have chosen them to be the Guardians of Your Garden and Bearers of Your Throne, and have made them the most numerous of Your soldiers, and have favoured them over mortal men, and have populated the High Heavens with them, and have freed them from disobedience and baseness, and have sanctified them from shortcoming and misfortunes, so bless them eternally and may this request serve as a means of increasing their favour and a means of their asking forgiveness for us.

O Allah, bless all of Your Prophets and Messengers whose hearts You have opened, to whom You have entrusted Your Wisdom, whom You have empowered with Your Prophethood, to Whom You have revealed Your Books, by whom Your Creation has been guided, who have called to Your Unity, who have looked forward to Your Promise and feared Your Threat, who have guided to Your Path, who have upheld Your Proof and Your Evidence, and grant them abundant peace, O Allah an through this request for them bestow upon us a mighty reward.

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad blessings eternally acceptable and which discharge us of his overwhelming rights over us.

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad, the Possessor of beauty and handsomeness, of splendour and perfection, of radiance and light, of youthful servants and houris, of chambers and palaces, of a grateful tongue and a praiseworthy heart, of renowned knowledge and the victorious army, of sons and daughters, of pure wives, of the highest of ranks, of the spring of Zamzam, of the Maqam Ibrahim, of the Holy Sanctuary, of infallibility, of an orphan’s upbringing, of the Hajj, of the Qur’anic recitation, of glorification of the All-Merciful, of the Ramadan fast, of the Flag, of nobility and generosity, the Fulfiller of promises the Possessor of longing for Allah, the one kindled such longing in others, the Owner of mule (his mount), of noble birth, of the Pool, of the Sceptre, the Prophet of Return, the Speaker with Reward, the One mentioned in the Book, the Prophet-Slave of Allah, the Prophet-Treasure of Allah, the Prophet-Proof of Allah, the Prophet obedience to whom is the same as obedience to Allah, and to whom disobedience is the same as disobedience to Allah, the Arabian Prophet, the Quraishi Prophet, the Zamzami Prophet, the Meccan Prophet, the Tihami Prophet, the Possessor of the handsome face, the naturally mascared eyebrows, the noble cheeks, and springs of Kawthar and Salsabil, the Conqueror of the Arabic Specking peoples, the Destroyer of the unbelievers, the Slayer of the polytheists, the Guide to the Divine Garden and Vicinity of the Benevolent (Allah) for those with shining faces and shining limbs, the companion of our master Gabriel peace be upon him, the Messenger of the Lord of the Worlds, the Advocate for sinners even though their sins reach the limits of the clouds, the Lamp of the Darkness and the Full Moon, may Allah’s blessings be upon him and his most purely chosen family blessings eternal and everlasting, never diminishing, the blessings of Allah be upon him and his family.

Blessings by means of which his happiness is renewed, his sending and his resurrection on the Promised Day are honoured.

Bless him and his family, the Rising Stars, blessings more generous than abundant pouring rains.

Send them to the one who of all Arabs is more just, more eloquent, greater in faith. Higher in station, more articulate in words, more careful of the rights of others and purer in his aversion for others (i.e. his enemies)

For he enlightened the Path and Advised creation, made Islam known and smashed the idols, made justice appear and forbid the prohibited, and spread favours to the whole world, the blessings of Allah be upon him and his family at every gathering and every spot the best of Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him and his family over and over again.

Blessings which are a source of treasure, the blessings of Allah be upon him and his family, complete and pure blessings, and the blessings Allah be upon him and his family, blessings ensured by fragrances and scents, succeeded by forgiveness and satisfaction.

And the blessings of Allah be upon the one through whom the lineage (of mankind) was most permeated with goodness and because of whom (the notion of) Glory was exalted, and through the light of whose cheeks the moon were illuminated.

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