Wahabi Menace comes to the Cape

Our own Shaykh Ahmad Behardien had to escape from Mecca in his pyjamas when the Wahhabis came into the city, and into Medinah, to slaughter the scholars. One of the teachers of Shaykh Muhammad Salih of the Azzawiyyah was decapitated on Jabal-Qubais when the Wahhabis took over Mecca. Those in our community who stealthily preach the teachings of the Wahhabis have this kind of barbarism as their origins. And they have inherited on their hands the blood of the Muslims slaughtered by these people. This is their heritage. Look at your hands, O heedless people (as my shaykh would say)! Look at the blood of the innocents on your hands next time you preach, and write to the local press. Come, look, and say you are not part of this barbarism! Come, you say we practice innovations! Come, show us that the slaughter of Muslims by Muslims is part of the Sunnah! If I were one of you, I would not want to show my face in public. I would be too ashamed. You have no shame! You come into our community under false pretences, and preach doctrines that undermine our religious fabric. You have no integrity! The history of your madh-hab is written in blood. Come, say it is not so!

The slaughter of Muslims at the time of the Wahhabi takeover is the bloodiest chapter in the history of our religion. And what did the Wahhabis do in Mecca, the holiest place in the universe:

During the demonstration, arranged by the people of Makkah al-Mukarramah, to end the attacks directed towards their lives …two of the shells fired (by the Wahhabi forces) from the guns at Qalah al-Jiyad to the (Masjid al-Haram) landed (a few) metres from the sacred stone, the Hajr al-Aswad. The Sutrah al-Sharifah, the cover of the Ka’bah, caught fire from these shells, and the people, to extinguish (the fire), had to open the door and climb on the Ka’bah. Although the (Wahhabi) soldiers saw the fire, they kept Maqam Ibrahim and the Haram Sharif under cannon fire and martyred a number of Muslims. Thepeople could not enter the masjid, and salah could not be performed in the Holy Masjid for days  (From a letter written to the Muslim world by the Amir of Mecca in 1916). This was other than the slaughter of the scholars.

There is an uninterrupted historical line from the butchers of Taif, Mecca and Medina to those who preach their teachings in this country. We should refuse to take Islam from those who are historical descendants of butchers, and who preach a madh-hab that sanctions the kind of slaughter of people that took place in the cities mentioned. The community should brush all of them aside and throw them in the dustbin of history, not support them and give them employment. Those of us whom they attack, we have inherited our Islam from those who call: Allah! Allah! The reader can choose.to be continued…


Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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