The Divinely-Granted Gifts in the Form of the Muhammadan Grants

Another narration from Ali ibn Al Husain (r), from his father (r), from his grandfather (r), from the Prophet (s) who said, “I was a light in front of my Lord, fourteen thousand years before the creation of Adam.” It has been narrated that when Allah created Adam (as), He (swt) put that light in his back, and it used to glow from his front overwhelming all the rest of his light. Then Allah raised it to the Throne of His Sovereignty, and had it carried on the shoulders of His angels, and ordered them to take Adam around the heavens and show him the wonders of His Kingdom.

Ibn Abbas (r) said, “Adam’s (as) creation was on Friday in the afternoon. Allah then created for him Eve, his wife, from one of his left ribs while he was asleep. When he woke up and saw her, he felt at ease with her, and he stretched his hand out to her. The angels said,  ‘Stop, Adam.’ He said, ‘Why, didn’t Allah create her for me?’ They said, ‘Not until you pay her dowry.’ He asked, ‘What is her dowry?’ They answered, ‘To recite praises on Muhammad three times.’” [and in another narration, twenty times].

It has also been narrated that when Adam (as) left Paradise, he saw written on the leg of the Throne and on every spot in Paradise, the name of Muhammad (s) beside the name of Allah. He asked, “Oh, Lord, who is Muhammad?” Allah answered, “He is your son, who, were it not for him, I wouldn’t have created you.” Then Adam said, “Oh, Lord, for the sake of this son, have mercy on this father.” Allah called out, “Oh, Adam, if you were to intercede through Muhammad (s) for the inhabitants of Heaven and Earth, We would grant you intercession.”

Omar Ibn Al Khattab (r) said that our Master Muhammad (s) said, “When Adam committed the sin, he said, ‘Oh, Allah, I ask you for the sake of Muhammad to forgive me.’ Allah’said to him, ‘How did you know Muhammad when I haven’t created him yet.’ Adam answered, ‘Because, O My Lord, when You created me with Your Hand, and blew into me from Your Spirit, I looked up and saw written on the legs of the Throne, La ilaha illallah, Muhammadun Rasoolullah. I knew that You did not attach any name to Yours except that of the most beloved of Your creation.’ Allah’said, ‘Oh, Adam, you have spoken the truth: he is the most beloved of My creation. And since you asked Me for his sake, you are forgiven. Were it not for Muhammad, I would not have created you. He is the seal of the prophets from your progeny.’”

In the Hadith of Salman (r) it is related that: Gabriel (as) descended on the Prophet (s) and said, “Your Lord says,  ‘If I have taken Abraham as a beloved, intimate friend, I have taken you for the same. I have never created any creation more precious to Me than you, and I have created this world and its inhabitants for the purpose of letting them know your honor and what you mean to Me; and if it were not for you I would not have created this world.’”

Eve (as) gave birth to forty sons from Adam (as), in twenty births; but she gave birth to Seth (as) separately, out of respect to Our Master Muhammad (s), whose light moved from Adam to Seth. Before Adam’s death, he gave Seth custody over his children, and he, in turn, entrusted the children with the testament of Adam: to put this light only into pure women. This testament continued, century after century, until Allah gave this light to Abdul Muttalib and his son Abdullah. In this way, Allah kept pure the impeccable lineage of Prophet Muhammad (s) from the fornication of the ignorant.

Ibn Abbas (r) said, “Muhammad (s) said, ‘Nothing of the fornication of ignorance has touched my birth. I was born by no other than the marriage of Islam.’”

Hisham ibn Muhammad Al Kalbi narrated that his father said, “I counted for Prophet Muhammad (s) five hundred mothers, and I never found in any of them a trace of fornication, or any of the ignorant one’s affairs.”

Ali (r) said that the Prophet (s) said, “I came forth from marriage, I did not come from fornication; from Adam until I was born to my father and mother, nothing of the fornication of ignorance has touched me.”

Ibn Abbas (r) said Prophet Muhammad (s) said, “My parents never committed fornication. Allah kept moving me from the good loins to the pure wombs, purified and refined; whenever there were two ways to go, I was in the best of them.”

Anas (r) said Prophet Muhammad (s) recited, “La qad ja’akum Rasoolun min Anfasikum, and said, I am the best among you in my lineage, in my relations, and ancestry: there is no fornication in my fathers all the way back to Adam.”

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