Tabyin Kadhib


Tabyin Kadhib

`Aqida – Doctrine

Tabi`een Kadhib al-Muftari – The Great Asha`ari Scholars

Ibn Asakir

translated by Dr. G. Fouad Haddad

  1. The First Generation of al-Ash`ari’s Students and Companions
  2. The Ash`aris
  3. The Great Ash`ari Scholars
  4. The Ash`aris
  5. The Great Ash`ari Scholars
  6. The Ash`aris
  7. The Great Ash`ari Scholars
  8. The Ash`aris


al-Asha’ira – The Ash`aris

Dr. G. Fouad Haddad

© copyright As-Sunna Foundation of America, 1998

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