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and Merciful Laws.

Daar ul-Ehsaan

World Headquarters

Samundair Road

Faisalabad, Pakistan

USA Headquarters

739 Terryville Ave.

Bristol, CT 06010

860 585-9742

fax: 860 589-4512

Abu Nour Institute of Islamic Studies

Developing a full curriculum of Islamic studies for youth and adults, based on the very successful An-Nour Institutes in many nations.

Founder: Shaykh Ahmad Kuftaro, Grand Mufti of Syria

Mudeer (Manager)

Shaykh Nazir Shaka Shiro


Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies

The Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies was founded to promote scholarship in Islamic disciplines, taking a unique scientific approach to understanding the sunan of at-tathabut (reliability) and al-itqaan (perfection).

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