Creation of the Light of Muhammad

[8] Suyūtī said in Manāhil al-safa (p. 53 #128): “Ibn Abi ‘Umar al-‘Adanī relates it in his Musnad.” In Takhrīj ahādīth sharh al-mawāqif (p. 32 #12) Suyūtī cites it with the wording: “The Quraysh were a light in front of Allāh.”

[9] Something similar is narrated by Imām Āhmad in his Fadā’il al-sahāba (2:663 #1130), Dhahabī in Mīzān al-i’tidāl (1:235), and al-Tabarī in al-Riyād al-nādirā (2:164, 3:154).

[10] Narrated by al-Hākim in his Mustadrak (2:616-617), Āhmad in his Musnad (4:184), and Bayhaqī in Dalā’il al-nubūwwa (1:110, 2:8). Ibn al-Jawzī cites it in al-Wafā’ (p. 91, ch. 21 of Bidāyat nabīyyina sall-Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam), and Ibn Kathīr in Mawlid rasūl Allāh and his Tafsīr (4:360). Haythamī cites it in Majma’ al-zawā’id (8:221) and said Tabarānī and Āhmad narrated it, and Āhmad’s chain is fair (hasan). See for Āhmad’s complete text Bishāratu ‘Isā (#454).

Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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