Life Story of Fatima (as) daughter of Muhammad (s)

Life Story of Fatima (as) daughter of Muhammad (s) Fatima, Daughter of the Prophet of Allah

by Amr Khalid

Translated by Mona Soueid

The sons of the Prophet were al-Qasim, Abdullah, Tahir/Tayib, and the daughters were Zaynab, Ruqayya, Umm-Kulthoom and Fatima.

She was born five years before her father was sent as a Prophet. Mohammed was 35 years old when she was born. She was born during the year when the Ka”bah was being rebuilt. She became a Muslim when she was 5 years old, as soon as her father was sent as a Prophet. She was the youngest Muslim in Islam.

What does the name Fatima mean? It comes from the word “fitam” which means the one that is kept away from evil and bad character. Fatima has four nicknames. Does anyone know them? They are ‘Zahraa”, “Batool”, “Umm al-Hasan wal-Husayn” and the last is the nicest nickname “Ummu Abeeha”. From the extent of her love and affection for the Prophet, and the fact that she was always with him and trying to defend him, just as a mother has these feeling towards her child, so she became known as “Umm Abeeha” by the Sahaba and scholars. She was called Zahraa because she greatly resembled the Prophet in that she was white and her cheeks were a rosy, pink colour, or as some scholars say it is because she is the flower of the Prophets peace be upon him life. Why is she called Batool? The word Batool is used to refer to Maryam the mother of Jesus peace be upon him. Fatima’s worship resembled Maryam’s worship as well as her modesty and so she was called Batool. The Prophet said that, “Fatima is the sayyidat of the women of Paradise after Maryam”.

My intention is for us to love her greatly because she was greatly loved by the Prophet (s). The extent of the Prophet’s love for her was beyond normal bounds. For example, the Prophet (s) would say, “Fatima is a part of me, he who upsets her, upsets me”. There is a hadith where the Prophet (s), “Me, Fatima and al-Hasan and al-Husayn and he who loves us comes on the Day of Judgment while the people are being held to account and they sit with us while we eat and drink until people have finished being questioned by Allah” (at-Tabarani).

There is a hadith where the Prophet (s) talks about what will happen on the Day of Judgment, speaking of the intercession where everyone is afraid and they require someone to intercede for them. The Prophet (s) says, ‘All the Prophets that Day will be saying, “myself, myself”, except me, I will say “O my Lord, my Ummah, my Ummah! O my Lord, I do not ask you for my sake nor for the sake of Fatima my daughter””.

Also if the Prophet (s) would be seated and Fatima would enter he would get up and kiss her between her eyes, all the time. And therefore when he was about to die, she could tell because he was unable to stand up to kiss her. These days fathers don’t even know how to hug their daughters let alone greet them with a kiss. Look at the affection, softness and sweetness of the Prophet (s).

If the Prophet (s) was traveling and entered al-Madina, the first thing he would do when he entered al-Madina would be to enter the Masjid and prays two raka`at and then he goes and visits Fatima. And if he was leaving Madina the last thing he would do before leaving is to go and see her. Look at our Prophet (s), and this affection and how important she was to him.

Amongst all this love for her, the Prophet (s) still would not be biased in dealing with her. The Prophet (s) said, “By Allah, if Fatima the daughter of Mohammed stole something Mohammed would cut off her hand”. Many parents love their kids and so they end up oppressing others because of it, and so they ruin the child. Look at his equality or justice near his love.

So why is all this love for Fatima and all this honour in that she is the sayyidat of the women of Paradise? One of the reasons is that she is the product of the Prophets peace be upon him upbringing and therefore she resembled him the most. She had the greatest resemblance to the Prophet (s) in appearance, character, walking. `Aisha (r) says, “I have never seen anyone resemble the Prophet in his way of dealing with people, or character more than Fatima”. She also said, “I have never seen a greater resemblance in the style of walking of the Prophet (s), then of Fatima. Aisha also said, “I have never seen anyone more truthful or more modest than Fatima other than her father – the Prophet Mohammed”.

Imagine her maturity. When she was 18 years old the Prophet (s) was married to nine women. She never backbit any of them or said anything displeasing about any of them.

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