Life Story of Fatima (as) daughter of Muhammad (s)

After Khadija died and the Prophet’s uncle Abu Talib died, the harm posed and carried out on the Prophet increased. Once ten of the unbelievers gathered around the Prophet and one started hitting him while the other was punching and hitting him. So Fatima came and said, “Woe to you, are you persecuting my father after the death of my mother and uncle, by Allah I will stone you with these rocks”, and she threw stones at them. The Prophet (s) said to her, “Make it easy upon yourself, for verily Allah will make your father victorious”.

Her father migrated to Madina before her, because if he allowed her to go before him Quraysh would have known about it and if he took her with him, it would have posed a big danger to her. So she stayed back and followed him later to Madina.

Whenever any of the wives of the Prophet needed anything they would say to Fatima, “Tell the Prophet we need this”.

In Madina she was now 18years old, so the men starting coming to her father requesting Fatima in marriage. They all wanted to be related to the Prophet (s). Abu Bakr, then `Umar ibn al-Khattab, then `Abdur-Rahman ibn `Awf, may Allah be pleased with them, all came asking for Fatima’s hand in marriage, and the Prophet (s) in a gentles way turned them back. The Ansar then started saying to `Ali, ‘Why don’t you request the hand of Fatima?’ He said, ‘I don’t have much’. They said, “But the Prophet loves you”. So he went and sat in front of the Prophet (s) and did not say a word. The Prophet (s) said, “why are you silent O Ali?” He did not say anything. The Prophet (s) said, “maybe you came to ask for Fatima’s hand in marriage?” He said, “yes that”s it, that”s it”. The Prophet (s) said “do you have anything to marry her with?” He said, “no O messenger of Allah”. The Prophet (s) said, “do you not have a dir` (shield) that I gave you once?’ He said “yes, but its not worth more than 250 dirhams.’ The Prophet (s) said, “I will let you marry her with it”. He brought the dir` to the Prophet (s), and the Prophet (s) sold it for him and came with 250 dirhams, and so he gave a portion of it to Bilal and said, “O Bilal, buy with this some perfume for Fatima” and he gave the rest of the money to Ummu Salamah and said, “buy for Fatima the clothes and necessities of a bride”.

Sayyidina Ali came after a day or two and said, “O Messenger of Allah, I paid the mahr (dowry), so when am I going to marry Fatima?” (he was embarrassed). The Prophet (s) replied, “today if you want”. He said, “yes, O Messenger of Allah”. So they invited the people and slaughtered an animal. The Prophet (s) said, “if a person comes to you of whom you are satisfied with his deen and his character then get him married, if you do not there will be fitnah (dissent) on the earth and great fasaad (evil)”. This is in our time now. Fatima was riding on a camel, and Uthman was directing it. And the Sahaba had their swords raised up as a form of celebration. And the women were surrounding Fatima, and some anasheed were being sung.

Afterwards, Ali and Fatima entered their simple house which was further out from the Madina (not in the city center) because that was all Ali could afford. As they were about to enter the Prophet said, “O Ali don’t get up to anything (don’t get close to her) until I come to you”. Ali says, “so I sat on one side of the house and Fatima sat on the other side”. The Prophet came and placed his hand on her hand, and he began to make du`a, he said, “O Allah, Fatima is a piece of me, O Allah Fatima is beloved to my heart, O Allah Ali is my brother and the most beloved to me, O Allah give them baraka (an increase in all that is good) and place on them baraka and unite them on good, O Ali place your hand on Fatima”s head and say, “O Allah I ask you for the good in her, and for the good that she was created for, and I seek refuge in you from her evil, and the evil that she was created for, O Ali, may Allah place baraka among you”, and the Prophet (s) then got up to leave then said to them, “how about you both get up and pray two raka`at together”, he then closed the door. This was the start of their marriage.

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