Refutations of Ibn Taymiyya’s Two Tawheeds [2]

6. Indeed the books of the Sunna of the Prophet (s) overflow with the fact that the call (da`wa) of the Prophet (s) to the people unto Allah was in order that they witness that there is no god except God alone and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, and in order that they repudiate idol-worship. One of the most famous illustrations of this is the (sound) narration of Mu`adh ibn Jabal when the Prophet (s) sent him to (govern) Yemen and said to him: “Invite them to the witnessing that {there is no god but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God}. If they obey this, at that time tell them that they are obligated to pray five prayers in every twenty-four hours…” And it is narrated in five of the six books of authentic traditions, and Ibn Hibbaan declared it sound, that a beduin Arab reported the sighting of the new moon to the Prophet (s) and the latter ordered the people to fast without asking this man other than to confirm the two witnessings. According to this drivel of Ibn Taymiyya, it would have been necessary for the Prophet (s) to call all people to thetawheed al-uloohiyya of which they were ignorant, for as for tawheed al-ruboobiyya they knew it already; and he should have said to Mu`aadh (according to this drivel): “Invite them to tawheed al-uloohiyya“; and he should have asked the beduin who had sighted the new moon of Ramadan (according to this drivel): “Do you know tawheed al-uloohiyya?

7. In His precious Book which falsehood cannot approach whether from the front or from the back, Allah never ordered “tawheed al-uloohiyya” to His servants, nor did He ever say that “whoever does not know this tawheed, his knowledge of tawheed al-ruboobiyya is not taken into account.”

8. Rather, Allah ordered the utterance of an Absolute Word of Oneness (kalimat al-tawHeed muTlaqa), for He said as He addressed His Prophet (s): “Know that there is no other god except God alone” (‘fa`lam annahu la ilaaha illallaah’). And He spoke similarly in all of the verses of oneness (tawheed) that are mentioned in the Qur’an including surat al-ikhlas which is equivalent to one third of the Qur’an.

9. It would have been necessary for Allah, if we were to believe this drivel (of Ibn Taymiyya), that since His servants all knew about tawheed al-ruboobiyya and did not know about tawheed al-uloohiyya, He should have made it explicitly clear to them and not misguided them and not punished them for their ignorance of half of tawheed, nor said to them: “Today I have perfected for you your Religion and I have completed My blessing upon you and I have accepted for you islaam as a religion.” And we seek refuge in Allah from the treacheries of the tongue and the corruption of folly.

Translated with permission from the Waqf Ikhlas 1993 offset reprint.

Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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