Ibn Taymiyyah’s Elucidation of Law Laak

There are other passages similar to these, all of which clarify that Allah created creation for humanity’s sake even though it is known that Allah, in doing so, had in mind an immense wisdom besides this and far greater than this. Here, though, He explains to humanity the benefits creation contains for them, and how they are immersed in Divine favours Thus when it is said, ‘He did such and such [for this or that reason]’ it does not exclude the possibility of there being other wisdoms for the act. Similarly, the statement: ‘Were it not for so and so, such and such would not have been created’, does not negate the possibility of their being another higher wisdom behind the act. Instead it implies that since the most pious of humanity is Muhammad, creating him was a desirable end of deep-seated wisdom more so than for creating anyone else, and that the completion of creation and the crown of its very perfection only occurred with Muhammad, peace be upon him… Now since man is the the seal of creation; the last of creation and its microcosm, then the best of them will also be the best of all creation in the absolute sense. Since Muhammad is the essence of humanity, the axis of creation and the distributor of the collective, he is as it were, the ultimate purpose behind creation. So an objection cannot be raised against the saying, ‘For him all was created’, or ‘Were it not for him creation would not have been created’. Thus, if these or similar words are explained according to what the Book or Sunnah indicate, they should be accepted.

In summary: since creation was created for the benefit of humanity, and since humanity was created to know and worship Allah, and since perfection of this knowledge,worship and servitude was made manifest in the Prophet, peace be upon him, it can rightly be said that he is the ultimate purpose for creation being brought into existence. This, then, is the classical appreciation of the law laaka tradition, despite recent protestations to the contrary. O Allah, shower abundant blessings of peace upon our master, Muhammad; the paragon of human perfection, the best of all creation.

[from Shurqeel Abu Aliyyah Sharif]

For discussions of authentic hadiths relating the same meaning as ‘law laak‘ see: ‘Hadith of law laak’

Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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