Interpreting the Hadith “Where is Allah? — In the Heaven”

“And this,” says Nawawi, is the end of Qadi `Iyad’s discourse.”

`Ali al-Qari said in his commentary on Mishkat al-masabih in relation to the hadith “Where is Allah?”:

Al-Qadi `Iyad said: “By asking this, the Prophet’s intent was not to ask about Allah’s place (makan), for verily He is above and beyond space, as He is above and beyond time. Rather the intent of his question to her was to find out whether she was a believer in oneness (muwahhida) or someone who associated partners to Allah (mushrika), because the unbelievers (kuffar) of the Arabs used to worship idols, and each tribe used to have a specific idol in its midst which it worshipped and aggrandized, and it may be that the simple-minded and ignorant ones among them did not know any other object of worship than that idol. The Prophet therefore meant to determine what she worshipped. When she said: “in the heaven,” — and another narration says that she made a sign towards the heaven — it was understood that she was a believer in Oneness. He meant by this line of questioning the disavowal of the gods of the earth (nafi al-aliha al-ardiyya) which are the idols, not the establishment of the heaven as a location for Allah, and Allah is greatly exalted from the sayings of the wrong-doers!“

Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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