Ahl al-Sunna Refutations of Those Who Attribute a Direction to Allah

Your conclusion shows that you are indeed the followers of Pharaoh, who believed that the Creator lies in a certain direction, and so he desired to climb up to Him on a ladder. He congratulates you for being among his followers, and he is your imam!

  • Even Ibn Hazm al-Zahiri (d. 456 AH), the arch-enemy of Ash`ari and the Ash`ari school, says in al-Fasl fi al-milal:

By no means whatsoever is Allah in a place or in a time. This is the position of the vast majority of the scholars (al-jumhur) and ours as well, and other than this position is not permissible, for anything other than it is false.

Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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