The Prophet’s Night Journey and Ascension

17:1: “Praise be to God Who has enraptured His servant by night from the Sacred mosque (Mecca) to the Farthest Mosque (Jerusalem).”

33:56: “Lo! God and His angels shower blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe; ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation.”

53: 1-18: “By the star when it setteth, Your companion erreth not, nor is deceived:

Nor doth he speak of his own desire.

It is naught save an inspiration that is inspired,

Which one of mighty powers hath taught him,

One vigorous; and he grew clear to view

When he was on the uppermost horizon.

Then he drew near and came down

Till he was distant two bows’ length or even nearer,

And He revealed unto His slave that which He revealed.

The heart lied not in seeing what it saw.

Will ye then dispute with him concerning what he seeth?

And verily he saw him yet another time

By the lote-tree of the utmost boundary,

Nigh unto which is the Garden of Abode.

When that which shroudeth did enshroud the lote-tree,

The eye turned not aside nor yet was overbold.

Verily he saw one of the greater revelations of his Lord.

God ordered Gabriel to go down with seventy thousand angels to the Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, and stand by his door. “Accompany him to My presence. And you, Michael, take the hidden knowledge and go down with seventy thousand angels and stand by the door of his bedroom. You, Israfil, and you Azra’il, do as Gabriel and Michael have been ordered.” Then He said to Gabriel: “Increase the light of the moon with the light of the sun, and increase the light of the stars with the light of the moon.” Gabriel asked: “O God, has the Day of resurrection dawned?” God said: “No, but tonight We are calling to Our presence the Prophet, the last Messenger who came after Jesus to reveal to him a secret that pertains to Us.” Gabriel said: “O God, what is that secret?” God said: “O Gabriel, the secret of kings cannot be given to the servants. Go with My order and don’t ask.”

And Gabriel began his descent carrying with him the heavenly message. All the angels accompanied him as God had ordered, until they reached the door of the Prophet. When they arrived, they said: “Qum ya sayyidi: Arise, my Master, and prepare yourself! Ride on the back of the Buraq, the heavenly creature that will carry you on your journey to the Lord of Power through the land of the angels!”

The Buraq (Heavenly Beast)

When God ordered Gabriel to carry with him the Buraq for the Prophet to ride, he went to the Paradise of buraqs and there he found forty million buraqs. Every buraq had a crown on its forehead inscribed with the words: “There is no god except God, and Muhammad is His Messenger.” Under it was written: “Believe in Me, in My angels, in My holy books, and in My prophets.” Gabriel saw among them a buraq who secluded himself and who sat alone crying. Gabriel came to him and asked him why he was in such a state. The Buraq answered: “I heard the name of Muhammad forty thousand years ago, and my yearning for him has prevented me from eating and drinking.” Gabriel chose that buraq and he took him.

The Buraq had the body of a horse but the face of a human being, with big black eyes and soft ears. His color was that of a peacock whose plumage was set with red rubies and corals, on which sat a white head of musk on a neck of amber. His ears and shoulders were of pure white pearls attached with golden chains, each chain decorated with glittering jewels. His saddle was made of silk lined with silver and gold threads. His back was covered with green emerald and his halter was pure peridot.

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