The Melungeons – Muslims in America Before Columbus ?

In the 15th century, Christian Europeans began making oceanic voyages of discovery without oared galleries, but what is remarkable is that they ever started at all, and the startling suddenness and rapidity in unifying the new lands that were allegedly discovered, particularly after the Black Death, in which up to a third of the European population had died. Very quickly, these voyages led to the outright economic, political and religious domination of the globe, under the control of Christians. [Pg.175, 41]. This domination lies at the heart of the problem facing Muslims today.

Why were Europeans the only ones to discover and conquer the world, notwithstanding the Church had lied to them, that the earth was flat and if anyone sailed too far, they would fall into Hell ? They were not only inward-looking, illiterate and misguided but oppressed by their clerics by being victims themselves to Inquisitions, Witch-hunts and charges of heresies. How is it possible for a society with such characteristics to even dream about discovering, AND conquering the World ? Yet the masses today are taught, misled to believe and accept without thinking, reflecting, pondering how 15th century people with the above mentioned characteristics were the ones to have discovered the New World. It is impossible and so difficult to believe. It is like saying that the blind man was the one who saw the murder and not the man who can actually see.

The fact is, the very institution that misguided its followers, also sent them (Columbus and Vasco Da Gama) on another Crusade – a NAVAL Crusade, but under the guise of explorers, traders, colonialists and imperialists.

Following the destruction of Baghdad in 1258 by Christian-backed Mongols, the remaining intellectual Islamic states were in Africa. Africa was home to several Islamic universities, namely Fez, Timbuktu, Jenne and Al-Azhar, with many Faculties including Law, Medicine, Grammar, Building, Crafts, Manufacturing and Geography, and they attracted scholars from all over the Muslim world [pg. 134, 17]. Even though, two-thirds of the world’s supply of gold came from West Africa during the Middle Ages, more profit was made from the sale of books [Pg. 73, 24]. Arabic was not only the language of religion and learning, but it was also the language of trade and commerce [pg.220, 40].

On his way to Mecca in the 1320s, Mansa Musa of Mali stated that his brother, Abu Bukhari, had sent two expeditions, one of four hundred ships and the other of two thousand, across the Atlantic Ocean [Pg. 205, 7]. This is not surprising because Islam is a universal religion that recognises no borders or natural boundaries because Allah (swt) is the Lord of the East and the West [Quran 73:9]. Furthermore, the Last Prophet (saw) had come for the whole of mankind, the Last Message had been delivered and Islam had been completed [5:4]. Muslims were inclined to do: trade, Dawah to the whole of mankind, Jihad, defend borders; expand the Islamic State, migrate (the Islamic calendar reminds Muslims of Hijra), etc.

In addition, Muslims were sailors, geographers, astronomers, scientists. Muslims travelled using the stars and the winds as the following ayats from the Holy Quran reveal:

6:97. It is He Who maketh the stars (as beacons) for you that ye may guide yourselves with their help through the dark spaces of land and sea. We detail Our Signs for people who know.

10:22. He it is Who enabled you to traverse through land and sea; so that ye even board ships they sail with them with a favourable wind…

30: 46. Among His Signs is this that He sends the Winds as heralds of Glad Tidings giving you a taste of His (Grace and) Mercy that the ships may sail by His Command and that ye may seek of His Bounty in order that ye may be grateful.

In addition, Ancient Egyptians knew the world was round and one of the first countries that the Arabs brought the Last Message to, was Egypt in 641/2 AD. One of the first Islamic universities was built in Egypt, namely Al-Azhar.

It is also alleged that Muslims studied Greek works inlcuding Ptolemy. His astronomy was translated into Arabic, Almagest, from Al Majisti, `the greatest compilation’ which contained place names by latitude and longitude and a method of projecting spherical surfaces on flat maps, and his `Geography’ was translated into Arabic early in the ninth century [pg.20,55]. Ptolemy regards the earth as a sphere but underestimates it circumference. So Muslims would have known from Greek sources about a round world [pg. 153, 55]. Furthermore, in part 3 of the Weekend Section of Financial Times November 16 / November 17 1996, it is stated that when the English were still trying to fend off Viking raiders [793 AD], the earth’s circumference was being calculated to an accuracy of within 70 miles by Al-Biruni, a scientist in the Punjab. So the Muslims had already ascertained that the earth was round 700 years before Columbus set sail.

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