Sufism 1- Tasawuf

Mufti of Egypt, Hassanain Muhammad al-Mukhloof, member of Muslim World League, Muhammad at-Tayib an-Najjar, president of Sunnah and Shariah Intl. and President of Azhar University, Shaikh ‘Abdallah Qanun al-Hassani, President of the Morocco Scholars and Deputy of the World Islamic League, Dr. Hussaini Hashim, Deputy of Azhar of Egypt and General Secretary of the Research Institute of Mecca, as-Sayyid Hashim al-Rafai, former Minister of Religion in Kuwait, as-Shaikh Sayyid Ahmad al-Awad, Mufti of Sudan, ash-Shaikh Malik al-Kandhalawi, President of the League of Islamic Scholars in Pakistan and President of Ashrafiya University, Ustaz Abdul Ghafoor al-Attar, President of Saudi Arabian Society of Authors, Qadi Yusuf bin Ahmad as-Siddiqui, Judge of the High Court of Bahrain, Muhammad Khazraji, Shaikh Ahmad ibn Muhammad bin Zabara, Mufti of Yemen, ash-Shaikh Muhammad ash-Shadili an-Nivar, President of Shariah University in Tunisia, ash-Shaikh Khal al-Banani, President of the Mauritania Islamic League, Shaikh Muhammad Abdul Wahid Ahmad, Minister of Religious Affairs of Egypt, Shaikh Muhammad bin Ali Habashi, President of the Islamic League in Indonesia, Shaikh Ahmad Koftaro, Mufti of Syria, Shaikh Abu Saleh Mohammed al-Fattih al-Maliki of Ondurman, Sudan, Shaikh Muhammad Rashid Kabbani, Mufti of Lebanon, ash-Shaikh as-Sayyid Muhammad al-Maliki al-Hassani, Professor of Shari’ah and teacher in the two Holy Mosques, Makka and Madina, and many many more throughout Arab and other Muslim countries.

Oh our beloved brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, daughters and sons, Islam is tolerance (hilm), Islam is love, Islam is Peace. Islam is humbleness, Islam is perfection. Islam is zuhd, Islam is Ihsan. Islam means relationships. Islam means family. Islam is sisterhood and brotherhood. Islam means equality. Islam is one body. Islam is knowledge. Islam is spirituality. Islam has external as well as internal knowledge. ISLAM IS SUFISM. SUFISM IS ISLAM.

Finally, Islam is Light that Allah has sent to us through his final Messenger Muhammad (s), who is the True symbol of love, the symbol of external and internal knowledge, the symbol of mercy to all human beings. He is our means to God. He is the intercessor for everyone, without doubt and this is expressed in all books of fiqh.

May Allah forgive us for any mistakes or deficiencies in this presentation.

As-salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, The poorest in front of Allah, servant of the Sunnah of the Prophet (s),

Shaikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani : President – As-Sunna Foundation of America 607 A. West Dana Mountain View, CA 94041

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Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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