Prophet Muhammad’s Life


The Life of the Last Messenger

  • Creation of the Light of Muhammad
  • The Year of the Elephant
  • The Blessed Birth
  • More Events Surrounding the Noble Birth of the Prophet
  • Halima as-Sa’adia, the Prophet’s Nurse
  • Muhammad’s Marriage to Khadija al-Kubra
  • Revelation of Prophethood
  • How `Umar bin Khattab Came to Islam
  • Some Miracles of the Holy Prophet
  • Migration to Abyssinia
  • Hamza Enters the Fold of Islam
  • The Quraysh Send Envoys to the King of Abyssinia
  • The Deaths of Abu Talib and Khadija
  • The Holy Prophet’s Visit to Ta’if
  • The Holy Ascension of Prophet Muhammad
  • The Second Tryst at ‘Aqaba
  • The Hijra
  • A King of Yemen is Granted Shahada
  • The Beginning of the Islamic Calendar
  • The Command to Fight the Idolators
  • The Expedition of ‘Ubayda bin al-Harith
  • The Changing of the Qibla
  • The Fasting of Ramadan
  • The Great Battle of Badr
  • ‘Abbas Enters Islam
  • The Story of Wahab bin ‘Umayr
  • The Marriage of Fatima to Ali
  • Other Marriages
  • The Battle of Uhud
  • Messages to Various Rulers
  • The Conquest of Khaybar
  • The Story of Safiya bint Huyay bin Akhtab
  • The Prophet’s  ‘Umra
  • The Battle of Mu’ta
  • The Story of ‘Amr ibn al-‘As
  • The Battle of Murays
  • The Slander of Aisha
  • The Conquest of Mecca
  • The Prophet Forgave the Crimes of Jahiliyya
  • The Incident of the Bani Jadhima
  • The Battle of Hunayn
  • Repudiation and Choice
  • Developing Diplomatic Ties
  • Various Envoys Visit the Prophet
  • The Battle of Tabuk
  • Masjid al-Dirar
  • The Pilgrimage of Islam
  • Many Thousands Enter Islam
  • The Farewell Pilgrimage
  • False Prophets Appear
  • The Holy Prophet’s Passing
  • Choosing a Successor

Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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