[2/2] AL-BUTI: Commentary on the Hikam (#3)

When a human being becomes immersed in this doctrine – his heart, not his tongue – he shall be far away from suffering, far from emotional and nervous upheavals; he shall no longer be affected. Why? If some merchant toils and gathers all the causes to use them to his benefit, after which it appears that his efforts all went to loss, and he goes back to his house with peace of mind, in his knowledge that efficacy does not belong to those causes but to Allah alone, Who wished that no [positive] outcome should be realized – he cannot say: had I done such-and-such, this result would not have happened; had I preceded so-and-so and submitted my project two days earlier, I would have been the one to succeed instead of him. The one who believes that efficacy belongs to Allah, his core does not ever burn with the flames of such words. Rather, he finds himself face-to-face with the words of Allah’s Messenger – Allah bless and greet him – in the authentic narration of Muslim in his Sahih: “If something bad happens to you, do not say: if only I had done such and such, then such and such would have happened. Say: Allah foreordained it to take place, and whatever Allah wishes, He does (qaddara Allah wa ma sha’a Allahu fa`al). For `if only’ begins Satan’s work.”4 But Satan cannot use `if’ and begin his work through it except in a heart that is devoid of such doctrine. Similarly, someone whose relative was afflicted by some illness, then he took that relative to the physicians and used all kinds of medicine and remedies, but Allah foreordained to take the patient away. Then someone might come to him and say: “You made a mistake. The physician you went to was not a specialist. You should have taken the patient to So-and-so. If you had done so, he would have known the cure. Someone ailed more than that and was healed at his hands.” If one’s doctrine is absent, one will [at those words] feel an anguish that will not let him sleep at night. He will say: “It is true, by Allah! Oh no, no, no! -” But look at him who possesses true doctrine and true belief in Allah, who has fastened his heart to Allah, and before whose eyes and insight all causes have melted away so that he no longer see anything other than the Causator. He shall sleep in all tranquility. He shall say: “Leave me alone, you and your talk! The physicians, their medicine, ailments and their remedies are all servants bound to obey Allah’s foreordained destiny, and it is not Allah’s foreordained destiny that is subservient to the knowledge of physicians and their remedies and all the rest.” His mind is at peace.

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