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Now over a decade into a new century, we are witnessing a turn of history. There are tremendous global changes taking place. In these ideological, political and informational u

pheavals are signs and opportunities, as well as challenges for the Muslim Ummah to reclaim and restore the Islamic spirit and culture. Many Muslims in America are pious, affluent, educated, and have a great desire to build Islamic communities and educational institutions for themselves and for future generations. Unfortunately, the Muslim Ummah in general, and Muslim communities in America, in particular, are divided and often at cross-purposes, resulting in a great waste of energy, time and resources, while opportunities for Islamic renewal and da’wa are being lost.

In view of this situation, the As-Sunnah Foundation of America (ASFA) was founded by a group of concerned Muslims from many backgrounds and specialties who are striving to promote

A) The unity of Muslims

B) Understanding and awareness through education.

Therefore, ASFA has assembled a group of scholars and professors to teach, write, and translate from traditional sources of Islamic knowledge by authentic scholars of the various schools of fiqh (madhahib) and `aqida.

ASFA’s intention is to emphasize the well-known Islamic principle that as long as a believer follows any School of Thought (fiqh), he or she remains within the boundaries of the community (Ummah) of the Prophet Muhammad , provided he or she accepts the way of the Sunnah and Shari’ah. This is in light of the verse “and indeed, this your ummah is one ummah and I am your Lord, so worship Me.” [Anbiya, 21:92]. Indeed, as Islamic history bears out, the Muslim Ummah was never actually divided along the lines of these schools, but rather by selfish, political and national interests. The continuity of these schools provided the basis of stability for the Ummah. Like life itself, the Muslim Ummah is organically connected with its own geographical space and historical time parameters. When that connection is severed, confusion and division must result, as we are now experiencing as a community in North America.

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