The Collated Hadith of Isra’ and Mi`raj

Say: a`udhu bi wajhillahi al-karim wa bi kalimatillahi al-tammat al-lati la yujawizuhunna barrun wa la fajir min sharri ma yanzilu min al-sama’ wa min sharri ma ya`ruju fiha wa min sharri ma dhara’a fi al-ard wa min sharri ma yakhruju minha wa min fitani al-layli wa al-nahar wa min tawariq al-layli wa al-nahar illa tariqin yatruqu bi khayrin ya rahman  

I seek refuge in the Face of Allah the Munificent and in Allah’s perfect words which neither the righteous nor the disobedient overstep from the evil of what descends from the heaven and the evil of what ascends to it and the evil of what is created in the earth and the trials of the night and the day and the visitors of the night and the day except the visitor that comes with goodness, O Beneficent One!

At this the devil fell dead on his face and his firebrand went out.

They travelled until they reached a people who sowed in a day and reaped in a day. Every time they reaped, their harvest would be replenished as before. The Prophet said: “O Jibril, what is this?” He replied: “These are al-mujahidun — those who strive — in the path of Allah the Exalted. Every good deed of theirs is multiplied for them seven hundred times, and whatever they spend returns multiplied.”

The Prophet then noticed a fragrant wind and said: “O Jibril, what is this sweet scent?” He replied: “This is the scent of the lady who combed the hair of Fir`awn’s daughter and that of her children. As she combed the hair of Fir`awn’s daughter the comb fell and she said: bismillah ta`isa fir`awn — In the name of Allah, may Fir`awn perish! whereupon Fir`awn’s daughter said: Do you have a Lord other than my father? She said yes. Fir`awn’s daughter said: Shall I tell my father? She said yes. She told him and he summoned her and said: Do you have a Lord other than me? She replied: Yes, my Lord and your Lord is Allah. This woman had two sons and a husband. Fir`awn summoned them and he began to entice the woman and her husband to renege on their religion, but they refused. He said: Then I shall kill you. She said: Be so good as to bury us all together in a single grave if you kill us. He replied: Granted, and it is your right to ask us. He then ordered that a huge cow made of copper be filled with boiling liquid (oil and water) and that she and her children be thrown into it. The children were taken and thrown in one after the other. The second and youngest was still an infant at the breast. When they took him he said: Mother! fall and do not tarry for verily you are on the right. Then she was thrown in with her children.”

He (Ibn `Abbas) said: “Four spoke from the cradle as they were still infants: this child, Yusuf’s witness (cf. 12:26), Jurayj’s companion, and `Isa ibn Maryam.”22

Then the Prophet saw people whose heads were being shattered, then every time they would return to their original state and be shattered again without delay. He said: “O Jibril, who are these people?” He replied: “These are the people whose heads were too heavy (on their pillows) to get up and fulfill the prescribed prayers.”

Then he saw a people who wore loincloths on the fronts and on their backs. They were roaming the way camels and sheep roam about. They were eating thistles and zaqqum — the fruit of a tree that grows in hell and whose fruit resembles the head of devils (37:62-63) — and white-hot coals and stones of Gehenna. He said: “Who are these, O Jibril?” He replied: “These are the ones who did not meet the obligation of paying sadaqa from what they possessed, whereas Allah never kept anything from them.”

Then he saw a people who had in front of them excellent meats disposed in pots and also putrid, foul meat, and they would eat from the foul meat and not touch the good meat. He said: “What is this, O Jibril?” He replied: “These are the men from your Community who had an excellent, lawful wife at home and who would go and see a foul woman and spend the night with her; and the women who would leave her excellent, lawful husband to go and see a foul man and spend the night with him.”

Then he came to a plank in the middle of the road which not even a piece of cloth nor less than that could cross except it would be pierced. He said: “What is this, O Jibril?” He replied: “This is what happens to those of your Community who sit in the middle of the road and cut it” and he recited:

wa la taq`adu bi kulli siratin tu`iduna wa tasudduna `an sabilillah man amana bihi wa tabtaghunaha `iwajan

Lurk not on every road to threaten wayfarers and to turn away from Allah’s path him who believes in Him, and to seek to make it crooked (7:86).

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