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Darud Taj: Invocation of blessing upon the Prophet known as “Invocation of the Crown”

The following is the transliteration and translation of a famous invocation of blessings on the Prophet entitled Darud taj or “Invocation of the Crown” which is especially well known in the Indian subcontinent.


allahumma salli `ala sayyidina wa mawlana Muhammad

sahibi al-taji wal-mi`raji wal-buraqi wal-`alam

dafi` al-bala’i wal-waba’i wal-qahti wal-maradi wal-alam

ismuhu maktubun marfu`un mashfu`un manqushun fi al- lawhi wal-qalam

sayyidi al-`arabi wal-`ajam

jismuhu muqaddasun mu`attarun mutahharun munawwarun fil-bayti wal-haram

shams al-duha badr al-duja sadr al`ula nur al-huda

kahf al-wara misbah al-zulam

jamil al-shyam shafi` al-umam sahib al-judi wal-karam

wallahu `asimuhu wa jibrilu khadimuhu wal-buraqu markabuhu

wal-mi`raju safaruhu wa sidratu al-muntaha maqamuhu

wa qaba qawsayni matlubuhu

wal-matlubu maqsuduhu wal-maqsudu mawjuduhu

sayyid al-mursalin khatim al-nabiyyin

shafi` al-mudhnibin anis al-gharibin

rahmatun li al-`alamin

rahat al-`ashiqin murad al-mushtaqin

shams al-`arifin siraj al-salikin misbah al-muqarrabin

muhibb al-fuqara’ wal-masakin

sayyid al-thaqalayn

nabiyy al-haramayn

imam al-qiblatayn

wasilatina fi al-darayn

sahibi qaba qawsayn

mahbub rabbi al-mashriqayni wal-maghribayn

jadd al-hasani wal-husayn

mawlana wa mawla al-thaqalayn

Abi al-Qasimi MUHAMMAD Ibni `Abdillah

nurin min nurillah

ya ayyuha al-mushtaquna bi nuri jamalihi

sallu `alayhi wa alihi wa sallimu taslima

Allahumma salli `ala Muhammadin wa `ala ali Muhammadin wa sallim


O Allah, send blessings and Peace upon our Master and Patron Muhammad,

The Owner of the Crown and the Ascent and the Buraq and the Standard,

The Repeller of Affliction and Disease and Drought and Illness and Pain.

His name is written on high, served and engraved in the Tablet and the Pen,

The Leader of All, Arabs and non-Arabs,

Whose body is sanctified, fragrant, and pure,

Illumined in the House and the Haram,

The Sun of Brightness, the Full Moon in Darkness,

The Foremost One in the Highest Fields, the Light of Guidance,

The Cave of Refuge for Mortals, the Lamp That Dispels the Night,

The Best-Natured One, The Intercessor of Nations,

The Owner of Munificence and Generosity.

Allah is his Protector, Gabriel is his servant.

The Buraq is his mount, the Ascent is his voyage,

The Lote-Tree of the Furthermost Boundary is his station,

Two Bow-Lengths or Nearer is his desire,

His desire is his goal, and he has found his goal,

The Master of the Messengers, the Seal of the Prophets,

The intercessor of sinners, the friend of the strangers,

The Mercy for the Worlds,

The rest of those who burn with love, the goal of those who yearn,

The sun of knowers, the lamp of travellers,

The light of Those Brought Near,

The friend of the poor and destitute,

The master of Humans and Jinn,

The Prophet of the Two Sanctuaries,

The Imam of the Two Qiblas,

Our Means in the Two Abodes,

The Owner of Qaba Qawsayn,

The Beloved of the Lord of the Two Easts and the Two Wests,

The grandfather of al-Hasan and al-Husayn,

Our patron and the patron of Humans and Jinn:

Abu al-Qasim MUHAMMAD Son of `Abd Allah,

A light from the light of Allah.

O you who yearn for the light of his beauty,

Send blessings and utmost greetings of peace

Upon him and upon his Family.

Other Invocations of blessings and Peace Upon the Prophet

This is another well-known invocation of blessings and peace upon the Prophet. Some of the words in it come from the Ansar who greeted the Prophet with outpourings of joy and acclamation when he entered Madina for his Emigration there. On this chapter the Companion al-Bara’ ibn `Azib narrates:

The first people who came to us (in Medina) were Mus`ab ibn `Umayr and Ibn Umm Maktum who were teaching Qur’an to the people. Then there came Bilal, Sa`d, and `Ammar ibn Yasir. After that `Umar ibn al-Khattab came along with twenty other Companions of the Prophet. Later on the Prophet himself came and I had never seen the people of Medina so joyful as they were on the arrival of Allah’s Apostle, for even the slave girls were saying, “Allah’s Apostle has arrived!” And before his arrival I had already memorized the Sura starting with: “GLORIFY THE NAME OF YOUR LORD, THE MOST HIGH” (87:1) together with other Suras of al-Mufassal.

May Allah forgive the dryness of our tongues and the obduracy of our hearts for the sake of His Beloved Prophet who said: “I was sent to all people without exception” and “I was sent only as Mercy. I was not sent as a punishment.”

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ya nabi salam `alayka O Prophet, Peace be upon you ya rasul salam `alayka O Messenger, Peace be upon you ya habib salam `alayka O Beloved, Peace be upon you salawatullah `alayka The Blessings of Allah be upon you tala`a al-badru `alayna The full moon has risen over us min thaniyyat al-wada` From the mountains of al-Wada` wajaba al-shukru `alayna We shall ever give thanks for it ma da`a lillahi da` As long as there will be callers to Allah anta shamsun anta badrun You are a sun, you are a full moon, anta nurun fawqa nur You are light upon light, anta iksiru al-wujud You are the quintessence of existence, anta misbah al-sudur You are the lamp in every breast ashraqa al-badru `alayna The full moon has risen over us fakhtafat minhu al-budur Eclipsing all other moons. mithla husnik ma ra’ayna Such as your beauty we have never seen qattu ya wajh al-surur No, never, O face of delight! ya habibi ya muhammad O My beloved, O Muhammad, ya `arus al-khafiqayn O bridegroom of the East and the West, ya mu’ayyad ya mumajjad The one Allah vindicated and exalted, ya imam al qiblatayn O Imam of the Two Directions! ya nabi salam `alayka O Prophet, Peace be upon you ya rasul salam `alayka O Messenger, Peace be upon you ya habib salam `alayka O Beloved, Peace be upon you salawatullah `alayka The Blessings of Allah be upon you

Answers to those who reject getting blessings from the Prophet’s relics (Tabarruk bi al-athar) as being outside Islam

Tabarruk“: deriving blessing from something once owned or touched by a holy person.

Athar“: relics.

As for those who reject the validity of tabarruk or seeking blessings through the relics of the Prophet, we warn them that Allah Himself mentioned the tof the Prophet Ya`qub with the relic of his son Yusuf, and that the evidence for the tabarruk of the Companions and the Tabi`in through the Prophet and the saints is innumerable.

Allah said: “Go with this my shirt, and cast it over the face of my father: he will come to see (clearly)… When the Caravan left (Egypt), their father said: I do indeed scent the presence of Yusuf…” (12:93-94).

The Companions’ Seeking of Blessings With the Prophet’s Person and His Relics

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